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Revival of rituals and booklets released
by Anita Ratnam (Artistic Director, Arangham Dance Theatre)

ANITA RATNAM (Artistic Director, Arangham Dance Theatre), as dancer, choreographer, cultural commentator, actor-producer and publisher, reinforces an exciting and vigorous vocabulary in her art and life. Her foundational training is in Bharatanatyam in the Kalakshetra style, supplemented by the Kerala traditions of Kathakali and Mohiniattam. Ratnam holds a Master's degree in Theatre and Television from the University of New Orleans. After 10 years as a New York television producer (1980-90) including a weekly talk show, the highly acclaimed "Festival of India" television series, and two Emmy nominations, she returned to India. Based in Chennai, she founded Arangham Trust in 1992, a foundation for the promotion and international collaboration of dance and allied performance disciplines. She co-founded and directed The Other Festival (1998 - 2006) - India's only annual contemporary arts festival. In 2000 she created, the award-winning Indian dance portal with over 300,000 hits each month. A cultural activist, an articulate advocate for women's rights and a compelling speaker, Ratnam addresses diverse forums and constantly innovates new roles for community participation in the arts. One of India's most celebrated dance icons, she uses the arts as a proactive tool for change and visits many educational institutions around India and abroad to conduct contact workshops, write, speak and share her innovative ideas on dance and 'physical theatre'. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Ancient Tamil Theatre Studies.

Kaisika Natakam

Arayer Sevai

The Lotus
This publication was printed on the occasion of the India tour of 'UTPALA... a thousand petals... a thousand lives', a dance theatre performance by Anita Ratinam and Arangham Dance Theatre in 2004.

Significance of Number 5 (doc file)
The Sangeet Natak Akademi of New Delhi celebrated the National Festival of Numbers Natya Sankhya Utsav with a dance festival showcasing the significance of numbers and numerology with a performance for all numbers from 10 to 0 where each number was performed by a renowned dance performer. This festival was conceived by Padma Shri Ananda Shankar Jayant. Dance legends such as Padma Subrahmanyam, Sonal Mansingh, Radha and Raja Reddy and Swapnasundari also participated in the series.

Anita Ratnam performed FRAMING FIVE using her signature movement aesthetic named NEO BHARATAM where voice, movement and text mingle. The number 5 stands as a mystical and significant number for many cultures across the globe such as Hindu, Jewish, Islam, Christian, Sikh and Shinto.