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Bimba The Art Ashram / Bimba The Art Hut / Rasalok

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Earth Sensitive art
Creating Celebrating Conserving
BIMBA in Sanskrit connotes Reflection. BIMBA mirrors the unique vision of an artist for growing art-its practice and sharing. It reflects socio-artistic values. BIMBA THE ART ASHRAM campus, Basavanagudi is now open for a unique art experience every day through the year in the heart of Bengaluru.

A rare practice by Bimba called GREEN ART percolates into every encounter with people, things and situations- life itself. Soul is invested in each creation of art - art that you can relate with and can take home the stories of with you.

BIMBA THE ART ASHRAM is a LIVE CAMPUS for art practice where you can even hear, see, feel and experience creative processes on weekdays And a performance-EVERY SATURDAY ART

As also 10 days of soul stirring RASALOK Still Theatre of Miniature Art during Navrathri.

BIMBA THE ART HUT at Basavanagudi is more than a gallery and is a storehouse of art. It is unique in that all these handmade spaces, displays and many of the creations are lovingly crafted by the founder artist who envisions art and practices its manifestation in various disciplines while nurturing Earth and artisans. And often performs for us on a Saturday. Our socio-artistic vision builds respect for MASTERS and ARTISANS. At BIMBA, Art and philanthropy resonate harmoniously with good living and creative active citizenship. The underlying aesthetic mantra - EARTH SENSITIVE ART. You can participate in the many layers of this artistic social engagement in many ways and also can contribute to the Trust- BIMBA ART FOUNDATION.

Rasalok - Still Theatre In Miniature art Form
Rasalok translates roughly from Sanskrit as a heightened aesthetic emotional experience of a miniature world. The elements of this unique inherited solo practice date back to 1930s. It has now evolved into an art that embraces multiple creative disciplines and is performed in the classical genre. It is spellbinding theatre now -a dramatic still yet dynamic moment in intricate handmade miniature art the narration of which transports you to a timeless era.

The late Srimathi M N Susheelamma (Malleswaram, Bengalooru) evolved and fine tuned the making of a 3-dimensional still scene on a mini-stage as part of her Navarathri festival offering. She started by costuming three or four miniature "celluloid" dolls. She dramatically positioned these "actors" belonging to a magical moment on an illuminated mini-stage with her own handmade mini props -flora, fauna, natural surroundings and dwellings - to depict a charming moment from a classic- a moment that was close to her heart and inspiring. The key to the visual magic lay in her sense of aesthetics, period and proportions in the three-dimensional miniature space. This practice was continued and improvised upon by her daughter and versatile artist Smt Uma Nagraj, who cherished this practice like her mother did. She now composes and narrates a magical moment every year.

The third generation artist Deepika Dorai was convinced that this stylised practice-with many classical art disciplines embedded in it- needed to be continued and formalised and open to all to share and grow its deep and enthralling experience. The artist brought some minute yet significant changes in practice and performance. Many simple innovations which enhance but do not alter the solo format make this a compelling must see for all ages (adults and children above 6 years) and from every walk of life. Now the composer-artist's stylised recital in an intimate theatre atmosphere extracts from this visual a transforming experience for the viewer. This live soulful narrative brings to life the arresting spectacle of the still moment in miniature and imprints its inspiring elements in our memory.
Every Saturday at 6.30 pm through October 2011
Language : English and Kannada
Two parallel shows Start: 630pm
Duration 75 minutes

Life 'n' Living - 1
- Interview by Jayanthi S, Eco(w)rite

Bimba The Art Ashram
Bimba The Art Hut

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Basavanagudi, Bengaluru-560004
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Ph: 91-8041489354
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