by Sumathi
Kotikal Mandapam, Mahabalipuram
Mahendra type pillars 
A Sketch of Mahishasuramardini, Durga temple, Aihole, Karnataka


Illustrations for Books / Stories / articles

Cover illustration for 'Rasanishyandhini'
by Paruthiyur Sri Krishna Sastri

Paruthiyur Publications, Rasanishyandhini
ISBN: 978-81-910073-3-6

Illustration for 'Divya Darshana' for 'Paruthiyur Periyava'
Paruthiyur Publications, Sarvam Rama Mayam
ISBN: 978-81-926298-0-3

Illustration for  ''Seetha Kalyanam'
by Paruthiyur Sri Krishna Sastri

Paruthiyur Publications, 'Sarvam Rama Mayam'
ISBN: 978-81-926298-0-3

Illustration for 'Hindu Religious Discourses'
by Paruthiyur Sri Krishna Sastri

Paruthiyur Publications, 'Sarvam Rama Mayam'
ISBN: 978-81-926298-0-3

Waxing and waning of the moon

As Ganesha is traveling through a forest in the night on his vahanam (mount) minjur, a snake scares the minjur and Ganesha falls off his mount.  He has just had his meals & his full tummy breaks open and all the sweets fall out.  The moon laughs at this sight.  The angry Ganesha curses the moon to lose his beauty.  When the moon begs forgiveness, Ganesha grants that he will wax & wane and appear in all his glory on the full moon day.

Illustration for a booklet distributed on the occasion of the India tour of 'UTPALA... a thousand petals... a thousand lives', a dance theatre performance by Anita Ratinam and Arangham Dance Theatre in 2004 

Birth of Ganesha with his elephant head 
There are several versions on how Lord Ganesha got his elephant head.  The illustrations are for one version. 

Siva & Parvati live happily on mount Kailasa.  Parvati is blessed with a beautiful son.  When all the Gods & Devas bless the new born on the cradle ceremony, Lord Saniswara avoids looking at the baby.  Parvati considers this an insult and asks Saniswara to bless the child.  Saniswaran is afraid that his glance will harm the baby, but on Parvati's insistence looks and blesses the baby.  The baby's head bursts into flames.  Lord Siva provides an elephant head to the baby and hence Lord Ganesha with his elephant head was born (head in the shape of the Tamil letter OM).  Thus Lord Saniswara's glance turned out to be favourable to Lord Ganesha. 

Avvaiyar, Thriuvallauvar, king and the sangam poets 
at the potramarai kulam

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