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The rhythms of rural India
- Padma Jayaraj
We are familiar with different Indias: technological India, heritage sites, or physical features highlighting its natural wonders: its water world, its mountain terrains, deserts and coastal plains. The sights are many. The diversity of its ethnicity also is remarkable. There is a need to carry this reality which is the roots and strength of India in our consciousness as we march on, in time. Suresh Khot, a product of J.J. School of Art, is projecting a charming face of India in all its simplicity and beauty. He is a freelance painter who has done solo-shows in India’s metros.

SURANGI, his painting exhibition (October 18 to 24, 2016) at Jahangir Art Gallery, Mumbai, is a testimony to his mission: paying tribute to a land still antique in its rural rhythms.

Re- visiting a queen! by Lakshmi Vishwanathan
The most enigmatic character in Tamil history is the Chola queen Sembiyan Mahadevi of the tenth century. I knew little about her until at the suggestion of the great musician Semmangudi Srinivasa Iyer whom we used to address and refer to as Semmangudi Mama, we visited the famous temple of Konerirajapuram.

Aricles featured in The Hindu on arts & crafts

Elephants in Art, Architecture and History of Orissa
By Debabrata Swain

Photographic feat by T.S. Subramanian
Article featured in Frontline, Volume 24 - Issue 10 :: May. 19-Jun. 01, 2007
The inaccessible Chola murals at the Big Temple in Thanjavur have been captured in almost life-size photographs and displayed at the temple.

The Vedic link by Suganthy Krishnamachari
The Hindu, Friday Review, Mar 05, 2010
Sthapati-siblings Veezhinathan Acharya and Umapathy Acharya, who want to revive traditional methods of sculpture.

Unique sculpture
The Hindu, Friday, Dec 17, 2004
The Gajasamharamurthy at Darasuram.

Simhachalam temple - magnificent architecture and sculpture by R.Krishnamurthy
The temple at Simhachalam is rich in its architectural beauty and sculpture which is a combination of the Konarak's Sun temple and the styles of the Chalukyas and the Cholas.
The Hindu, Entertainment, Friday, Sep 19, 2003

Poetry in stone by T.S.Subramanian, Photos: K.Ganesan
The wonders of the Meenakshi-Sundareswarar temple in Madurai, after its recent renovation.
The Hindu, Frontline, Volume 26 - Issue 08 :: Apr. 11-24, 2009

Hoysala heritage by S. Settar, historian
on the history and craftsmanship of Belur and Halebid temples.
The Hindu, Frontline, Volume 20 - Issue 08, April 12 - 25, 2003


Story in sculpture
The Hindu, Metro Plus Chennai, Monday, Apr 25, 2005
The sculptures at an engineering college mark a new beginning in the creative expressions of A.V.Ilango and Shalini Biswajit.

Gentle rainbow by Partha Chatterjee
Rabia Zuberi made a signal contribution to the evolution of modern art in Pakistan at a critical time in its history.
The Hindu, Volume 26 - Issue 24 :: Nov. 21-Dec. 04, 2009

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April 2010
Early Tamil Epigraphy from the Earliest Times to the 6th Century AD
by Iravatham Mahadevan (html slide show)
- An Overview by S. Swaminathan
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