Acupuncture in two fingers of Sri Madhwacharya
- Raghavendrachar (Yoga shikshak & sujok acupuncturist), Bangalore, India
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July 27, 2016

Sri Madhwacharya is the founder of Dwaita philosophy. Dwaita means two. He advocated duality in nature and these two fingers (index & middle) are the symbols.  

But acupuncture says that these two fingers also represents the ancient Hindu thought of 'kaala-chakra'. 

What is kaala-chakra?
Kaala-chakra means time-cycle.  Our ancient wise people devised a system observing the movement of sun & moon and they called it kaala-chakra.  They said that the cyclic movement of sun & moon,  everything in nature,  including the activities of human body changes.  And they further formed time-cycle based on the hindu science & technology.

What is hindu science & technology?
Since a long,  long time,  our rishis advocated that this universe, including the human body,  is created out of pancha-bhutha & ida-pingala.  They called this combination of pancha bhuthas & ida-pingala as "Prana - the science & technology" and applied this to acupuncture, astrology, astronomy, mathematics, akshara (sanskrit alphabets), etc., and to the whole lot of human activities.  Based on this theory,  they created kaala-chakra - movement of Prana from time to time on yearly-monthly-daily-hourly basis.  They called pranic-cycle of the hour as 'ghalige' (ghati / naaligai); of the day as 'day' (in olden days the days were called as akasha day; agni day, etc.); the months as 'maasa' and year as 'samvathsara'. 

What do these two-finger of Sri Madhwacharya have to do with this time-cycle?
Yes,  like you, I also wondered.  On further study of acupuncture, to my surprise, I found out that these sixty-samvathsara points are in these two fingers.  

Why two fingers?
Because in acupuncture, index finger represents hand and middle finger leg. Thirty samvathsaras are in finger and thirty samvathsaras are in leg.  It is a finger-toe method.
Why finger and toe?
Acupuncture tells that Prana's entry-exit is in the nail points; whereas in pranayama,  it is in the nostrils. 

Acupuncture has twelve channels - six in the fingers and six in the toes (here toe means leg).  Each channel covers pancha bhuthas,  making it sixty samvathsaras.  Hence in it is called as Sri Madhwacharya's  two-finger therapy of acupuncture.

- Raghavendrachar (Yoga shikshak & sujok acupuncturist), Bangalore, India
Mobile: 9448084873

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