What is Acupuncture?
- Raghavendrachar (Yoga shikshak & sujok acupuncturist), Bangalore, India
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August 20, 2016

Acupuncture is a Vedic therapy. All Vedic literature tells about ida-pingala and pancha mahabhootha (I-p-pmb), in one or the other form, directly or indirectly. It is the ancient Indians,  who formulated and propagated I-p-pmb since Vedic times and acupuncture is based on I-p-pmb.  Hence, it is called Vedic therapy. The following subjects are made out of I-p-pmb, therefore all these are acupuncture.
1.0    ida-pingala acupuncture:
         Ida-pingala means sun & moon. Sun is pingala - moon is ida.
         Every thing on the earth is categorised into two - ida and pingala.
         Sun & moon, in the name of ida & pingala, rules the human body.
         Acupuncture treats ida-pingala. Hence, it is ida-pingala Acupuncture. Ida-pingala is duality in nature.  Hence, 'Dwaita' philosophy.
2.0   pancha mahabhootha (pmb) acupuncture:
         Pmb is further creation out of ida-pingala. Each pmb - akasha, agni, prithvi, vaayu and jala rules each day. It is called five-day cycle. After five days, another cycle of akasha, agni... starts.  Acupuncture treats pmb, hence, it is pmb acupuncture. Books on 'Five element acupuncture' are available.
2.1   pmb in hour-time:
         In hour-time also, pmb covers five days. For example: morning 9-11:
         1st day it is  - earth - akasha
         2nd day it is - earth - agni
         3rd day  it is - earth - earth
         4th day  it is - earth - vaayu
         5th day  it is - earth - jala

3.0   Time acupuncture:
         Hindus call 'ghalige' as time. Time is a cycle of hour-day-month- year. Two-hours makes a time.  12-time covers 24 hours. These 12-time represents 12-organs of the human body.

4.0   akshara acupuncture:
         51 letters of sanskrit alphabets - aksharas - are made out of  I-p-pmb. All 51 aksharas represents 51 pranic-centres of human body and acupuncture.

4.1   Swara-akshara acupuncture:
         Swara means breath, prana, life, etc.  Swara-akshara means life-letters.  There are 16 swara-akshara and acupuncture selects 12 out of sixteen. These 12-aksharas represent 12 organs of the  human body.
4.2   Why 12-aksharas?  What about other 4-aksharas?
         16-aksharas is divided into three - male, female & neutral.  Male
          is pingala, female is ida.  Hence,  acupuncture chooses 12-aksharas.
4.3     Significance of 12-aksharas:
           12-aksharas system is also used in naming of a child.  When the
            time of naming of a child comes, parents consult a learned
            Pandit.  He chooses a specific akshara-name, depending on the
            gender of the child and science of akshara.
4.4    Vijnana  Bhairava Tantra (vbt), an ancient sanskrit text, tells    
          about dwadasha akshara in sloka no.30.  
4.5    Vijnana  Bhairava Tantra also tells in sloka no.93 that a needle is inserted on a body point to activate Prana.
5.0   Season acupuncture:
         Seasons are made out of I-p-pmb.  Hence, season acupuncture.
         A woman wants a child.  She is not conceiving. In this case, an
         acupuncturist needles rainy-season points. Rain falls, crop comes up. It is a fertility acupuncture treatment.
Like this, acupuncture is a therapy of numbers,  astrology and many more.
I appeal to one and all to study acupuncture.  Acupuncture not only teaches a simple, easy,  safe and drug-free treatment;  but also teaches the whole cosmology/philosophy of ancient Indians.

- Raghavendrachar (Yoga shikshak & sujok acupuncturist), Bangalore, India
e-mail- sujokachar@gmail.com
Mobile: 9448084873

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