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September 1, 2016

Bhagawan Sri Krishna is the creator of Brahmanda.  He is known as Vishnu.  He has twelve names. Acupuncture represents these twelve names in creating Time - kaala-chakra.  

The twelve names are:
01.   Keshava
02.   Narayana
03.   Madhava
04.   Govinda
05.   Vishari
06.   Madhusudhana
07.   Trivikrama
08.   Vamana
09.   Sreedhara
10.   Hrishikesha
11.   Damodara
12.   Padmanabha

Kaala-chakra has four divisions:   year-month-day-hour.   All these four divisions are made out of ida-pingala and Pancha mahabhoota.

Days are made out of Pancha mahabhoota - five days.    By adding ida & pingala, days become ten.  Every ten days is a cycle.   For convenience sake, acupuncture combines these ten days, making it a five-day cycle.  All these ten days, represent ten names of Lord Sri Krishna and combine them like this, to make a five-day cycle.
1.   Keshava - Madhusudhana
2.   Narayana - Govinda
3.   Vamana - Madhava
4.   Trivikrama - Sreedhara
5.   Vishnu - Hrishikesha

Hour is called 'ghalige'.  Two hours period make a ghalige.  Twelve ghalige makes a day of 24-hours.  These twelve ghaliges represent twelve names and twelve organs of the human body.  Each twelve-hour navigates into five days.   For example:  morning 9-11.
1st day it is  -  Vishnu - Vishnu
2nd day        - Vishnu - Madhava
3rd               - Vishnu - Keshava
4th               - Vishnu - Damodara
5th               - Vishnu - Sreedhara
6th               - Vishnu - Trivikrama

These twelve names represent twelve months,  known as 'maasa'.

Years are known as 'samvathsara'.  Each samvathsara is a combination of these twelve names.   For example: 
a)   durmukhi   -   Vamana - Sreedhara
b)   krodhana   -   Narayana - Narayana
c)   khara          -   Madhava - Govinda
and so other samvathsara.

All twelve names are hidden in the cycle of year-month-day-hour - all these are acupuncture points.   It is a very big and complicated subject. One must have a lot of interest and sustained effort to understand.  Chinese calendar - like Hindu panchanga is required.  We have not understood Hindu panchanga - Brahmanda is hidden here.
Please study acupuncture.   It will not only teach you, a Vedic therapy, but also teach you the whole Hindu cosmology/philosophy.

- Raghavendrachar (Yoga shikshak & sujok acupuncturist), Bangalore, India
Mobile: 9448084873

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