Acupuncture in Sri Gayatri Mantra
- Raghavendrachar (Yoga shikshak & sujok acupuncturist), Bangalore, India
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September 18, 2016

Sri Gayatri Mantra contains twenty five Tatwas.  Tatwa  means, a combination of ida-pingala & pancha mahabhuta (i-p-pmb).  The whole universe and human body are made-up of Tatwas and among all Tatwas, twenty five are most important and prominent.
Tatwas in Sri Gayatri Mantras:
Mantras are made out of Sanskrit alphabets known as akshara.  These akshara contain life.  Hence, it is called 'life-akshara' or 'life-letters' or 'life/energy' giving Mantras.  Mantra means a group of aksharas.  Among all Mantras,  Sri Gayatri Mantra is very, very important for Hindus, because it contains twenty five Tatwas.
Why twenty five Tatwas are most important?
These are most important,  because pancha bhutas are a group and each group contains again pancha bhutas,  thus making it a group of twenty five Tatwas.
What does it mean?
It means,  pancha anthakarna, pancha gnyanendriya, pancha karmendriya, pancha vayu and pancha tanmatra.  Thus, it becomes a group called twenty five Tatwas.
Acupuncture in Tatwas:
Acupuncture further tells in detail about these Tatwas.   For example:
1.   Akasha - Akasha is anthakarana
2.   Agni - agni is gnyanendriya
3.   Earth - earth is karmendriya
4.   Vayu - vayu is pancha vayu
5.   Jala - jala is tanmatra

Acupuncture further elaborates that anthakarana,  gnyanendriya,  karmendriya,  vayu and tanmatra each contains pancha bhutas and makes it twenty five Tatwas.
Sri Gayatri Mantra is a group of twenty five Tatwas and acupuncture has twenty five tatwa needling points.

- Raghavendrachar (Yoga shikshak & sujok acupuncturist), Bangalore, India
Mobile: 9448084873

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