Swara-akshara therapy
- Raghavendrachar (Yoga shikshak & sujok acupuncturist), Bangalore, India
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September 22, 2015

Sanskrit alphabets of 51 letters are made out of ida-pingala and pancha maha bhootha (PMB), which is the basic science and technology of ancient India, called as Prana.
These 51 akshara are made into groups, which are being used for different purposes, since time immemorial. These akshara are applied to mantra, yoga, mudra, healing, meditation, etc.

The first 16 akshara are known as swara - akshara - source of prana - birth of akshara. I have worked out a method of using 12 akshara out of 16 for healing purpose. These 12 akshara rotate the human body on hourly - daily - monthly - yearly cycle, known as kala - chakra- time cycle of prana moving from one phase of life to another. The 60 years known as one cycle of life of a person, covers by 12 akshara into cycle of 5 phase of PMB. Hence this cycle of 12 akshara into 5 PMB works out to 60 year-cycle. When prana moves from one phase to another on 12 year cycle basis, a person's fate also moves. To handle these good and
bad times, in each phase, one should adapt a suitable technique and this swara-akshara therapy of vedic times, is most appropriate.

It is a akshara writing method. Only two akshara are practiced on one - time - per day method. Akshara changes everyday. Three days gap is given for healing to take time. Both healthy and sick people can practice this therapy.

Acupuncture which is based on the principles of ida-pingala and PMB, originated in india, has adapted this method very effectively. Here needles
are used instead of akshara.

- Raghavendrachar (Yoga shikshak & sujok acupuncturist), Bangalore, India
e-mail- sujokachar@gmail.com
Mobile: 9448084873
Anyone, from anywhere, who is interested in practicing this kind of healing method, can contact me on my mobile, sitting in the comfort of their home.

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