Time acupuncture -
a concept of ancient Hindu 'kaala-chakra'
- Raghavendrachar (Yoga shikshak & sujok acupuncturist), Bangalore, India
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July 9, 2016

Acupuncture is an ancient Hindu therapy,  based on five-elemnt principles. Five-element principle is known as ancient Hindu's science and technology. This science and technology is utilised by Hindus, from time immemorial,  in acupuncture,  astronomy,  astrology,  mathematics,  Navagraha,  etc.
'Time' is one,  among many chapters in acupuncture. Time means cycle of Prana from time to time. It has four stages - yearly-monthly-daily-hourly - called 'four-pillars of destiny'. This is called as kaala-chakra in Hindu parlour. The subject Prana is hidden in Time/kaala.  Hence whenever we say 'Time acupuncture',  it means we are talking about the cycle of Prana; particularly about the movement of Prana in the human body.

Five elements - akasha,  agni,  prithvi,  vaayu and jala - are known as Pancha-Prana - heavenly cycles.   Movement of heavenly cycle affects the happenings on the earth, called 'season/maasa'. Hence,  ancient Hindus devised a technique called Time/kaala - combining the Pranic-cycle of heaven with the pranic-cycle of earth. This concept in acupuncture is known as 'a combination of heavenly points with earthly points'.

Five Day cycle:
In olden days,  days were called as akasha day,  agni day ; not as Monday,  Tuesday.  It is a cycle of five Elements in five days. After every five-day, a new five-day cycle starts.

Ten day cycle:
In this method,  five-elemnt is expaded to ten.  With insertion of ida and pingala theory,  five elemnts become ten elements - akasha pingala day,  akshara ida day,  agni pingala,  agni ida and so on. With this,  pancha prana becoms dasha pranas.  In this method,  after ten-day cycle,  a new ten-day cycle starts.

samvathsara - a sixty-year cycle:
This is a one life time.   After 60-years, another life time cycle of 60 years starts.  In the first life time,  man lives on his own energy; whereas in the second life time cycle,  he needs the energy of his parents. This type of therapy in acupuncture is known as 'mother-son' treatment.   If needling a son point don't cure the patient,  mother's point is needled. Hence under no circumstances,  one must never neglect his parents.
Acupuncture treatment method:
There are many types of treatmet in acupuncture and Time acupuncture is one among them.  An acupuncturist selects a point based on yearly-monthly-daily-hourly cycle.  He inserts only one needle and it is called one-needle acupuncture.
What is the one point?:
In acupuncture,  this one point is called 'time point' or 'open point'. This time point is created by applying the five-Elements and ida-pingala. It means,  one heavenly point plus one earthly point makes a time point. For example: akasha point of heaven plus akasha point of earth makes it a time point. Akasha point of heaven plus agni point of earth makes another point.
Acupuncture in vijnana bhairava tantra:
There is an ancient sanskrit text called 'vijnana bhairava tantra'. In this text, there is a sloka no.93 as given below:

Kinchidangam vibhidyaadau teekshnasoochyaadinaa tatah;
Tatraiva chetanaam yuktvaa bhairave nirmalaa gatih.

It means,  inert a needle on a point of the body.

Apart from Time and other chapters,  navagraha is also a subject of study for treatment in acupuncture.

Acupuncture is an ancient Hindu therapy.   I request one and all to study acupuncture.  It not only teaches you a simple,  safe and drug-free therapy; but also teaches you a whole lot of Hindu cosmology/philosophy. A great lifetime study.

- Raghavendrachar (Yoga shikshak & sujok acupuncturist), Bangalore, India
e-mail- sujokachar@gmail.com
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