Acupuncture in Soorya namaskar
- Raghavendrachar (Yoga shikshak & sujok acupuncturist), Bangalore, India
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July 13, 2016

Soorya namaskar is an ancient yogic practice.  Although it is a part of yoga,  it can also be practiced separately.
Soorya namaskar is an exercise of twelve-parts of the human body.  These 12-parts represent the twelve maasa (months) and these 12-parts are made out of four seasons - autumn,  rainy, winter and summer.    Five elements in combination with ida-pingala, which is known as Ancient Hindu's science & technology,  is hidden in the practice of Soorya namaskar.  It means,  Soorya namaskar is a twelve-posture (posture also means asana) health giving and complete exercise for the whole body in all the seasons of an year.
We bend the body forward for six times and bend the body backwards for six times.  If you bend the body forward, it means,  you are activating ida nadi;  if you bend the body backward,  it means,  you are activating pingala nadi.

Acupuncture in Soorya namaskar
Many people wonder how come acupuncture in Soorya namaskar.   Yes,  they are right in thinking so, because they do not know that acupuncture is an ancient Hindu therapy based on five-element & ida-pingala philosophy.
There is an ancient sanskrit text called 'vijnana bhairava tantra'. In this text,  there is a sloka no.93 which reads as follows:

Kinchidangam vibhidyaadau teekshnasoochyaadinaa tatah;
Tatraiva chetanaam yuktvaa bhairave nirmalaa gatih.
It means needle a body point to activate Prana.
Vijnana bhairava tantra is a text on yoga & meditation;  but it is also,  I say, a text,  on acupuncture.   This text mentions dwadasha-ansha  -  what does it mean?  It means twelve meridians.  Acupuncture is an 12-meridian therapy - six hollow & six solid organs of the human body.  In acupuncture,  Soorya namaskar of 12-posture, is known as twenty-four seasonal points - 24-solar points for needling.

Why 24-solar points in acupuncture?
Soorya namaskar has 12 postures;  but acupuncture goes a step further.  It makes it a 24-point therapy - why?  Because acupuncture divides a maasa into two - one as Shukla paksha and another as krishna paksha. Paksha is a cycle of fifteen days representing full moon (hunnime) and new moon (amawasya).
Acupuncture says 12-organs, representing 12-postures of Soorya namaskar,  rules the right side of men & left side of women in Shukla paksha and the same12-organs rules the left side of men & right side of women in krishna paksha.   Hence,  it is a 24 solar points acupuncture therapy. In Shukla paksha,  5-elments known as Pancha-Prana,  moves from head to toe.   In krishna paksha,  Prana moves from toe to head.
Another ancient Sanskrit text,  among many other ancient Sanskrit texts, 'Sri Chakra' is a text on acupuncture.  This text mentions sapta dhatu.   It is an 8-point acupuncture therapy.
Please study acupuncture.  It not only teaches you a simple, easy, effective and safe,  drugless therapy;  it also teaches you the whole cosmology/philosophy of ancient Hindus.  It is a lifetime worthy occupation.

- Raghavendrachar (Yoga shikshak & sujok acupuncturist), Bangalore, India
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