Acupuncture is an ancient Hindu therapy - Prana in fingers & toes
- Raghavendrachar (Yoga shikshak & sujok acupuncturist), Bangalore, India
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July 23, 2016

Acupuncture is a therapy based on ancient Hindu philosophy of pancha bhutha & ida-pingala. This philosophy is known as Prana and considered as science & technology of ancient India.

Prana or energy circulates the human body from head to toe.  When circulation is disturbed, then disharmony of health occurs.  Hence,  it is upto a person to ensure that Prana circulates in his body un-obstructively.

How to ensure this?
Acupuncture offers an easy technique and solution. It says Prana is in fingers & toes.  There are 12-meridians known as 12-pranic channels or nadis representing 12-maasas (months) and these 12-pranas are in the five fingers and five toes.

Bend each finger or toe one after the other (not all fingers & toes together) forward and backward.  One or more fingers & toes pain in bending forward and some while bending backward.  A little pain is ok;  but too much pain means a pranic-channel is disturbed. This is the diagnosis method in acupuncture.  

Although it looks very easy, only an acupuncturist will understand the problem and treat accordingly. Acupuncture is not well-spread in India, hence acupuncture clinics are very rare.   All acupuncturists do not practice this method.  There are a number of acupuncture treatment methods, so each acupuncturist practices his own method.  For example: 'Time acupuncture' is not practiced by most of the acupuncturists, even in China; because it is a very difficult subject to find out which meridian is ruling on yearly-monthly-daily-hourly time and a Chinese calendar,  like Hindu panchanga, is required.  Only a few senior most acupuncturists practice this one-needle method. A large number of acupuncturists,  practice disease-treatment method.  I am writing all this,  so that readers will know that acupuncture is a therapy of many methods.

Apart from acupuncture, you can try yogic method:
Practice yoga - pawana muktasana series,  as advocated by Bihar school of yoga,  Munger, Bihar.   This series of yoga asanas releases the blocked Prana in fingers & toes.
You can also walk on your toes (without shoes/slippers), for a few minutes,  every day, with a safety precaution.  

- Raghavendrachar (Yoga shikshak & sujok acupuncturist), Bangalore, India
Mobile: 9448084873

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