The Sundaram Finance Mylapore Festival 2011
The Kolam Contest on Jan 8, 2011

The participants were invited to design traditional 'pulli' kolam (of a chain pattern or a design by joining the dots) with white kolam powder.

The contest was held on North Mada Street just outside Ambika Appalam store. It was open to 125 people, first come first serve basis and I think there were close to 100 participants.

There were all kinds of patterns created from the traditional chain linked kolams to floral, animal, bird designs. There were several peacocks, annam, crow, parrots, sparrows, butterflies, elephants, roses, lotuses and one depicting the different houses of worship - temple, church, mosque. There were a few young girls and one man who participated.

I think I managed to photograph every entry. Though all the entries may not be great, I have displayed them all here with best wishes to all the participants.

Click on images for enlarged version

arun awasarmo l13 March 2016 at 01:40
excellent work