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Tamil Heritage Trust
#THTIndoFest2022 - celebrating the "Temple Builders of Medieval India - 8th to 13th Centuries CE".
 Over five days, from June 2nd to June 6th at 6.00 pm, a galaxy of speakers share their knowledge and insights on the dynasties which ruled medieval India - Cholas and Pandyas, Hoysalas and Kakatiyas, Gurjaras and Solankis, Paramaaras and Chandelas, Palas, Senas and Ahoms. These and other dynasties established themselves across different parts of the country and presided over a period of renewed urban development supported by a sound agrarian economy. And they extended their patronage to the building of monumental temples, many of which are still with us today.
At #THTIndoFest2022, our distinguished speakers explore the emergence, the reign  and the legacy of different dynasties - their influence on the political, economic and sacred geography of the land and highlight their contributions to art and architecture by showcasing select temples of that period.

In addition, on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th,  there are Talks in the morning as well, starting at 10.00 am IST.

THTIndoFest2022 - Temple Builders of Medieval India - 8th to 13th Centuries CE

Tamil Heritage Trust