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Hinduism - Scientific base

Numerical Imagination of Ancient India by Abhijit Adhikari
The conception of astronomical numbers by mathematicians in India made them stand well above the rest.

SVB - preservation of Vedic Sabda and also propagation of Vedic wisdom

Books Digitized by IGNCA

Hindu Samskaras by Pandey, Raj Bali
Published by Vikrama Publications;  Banaras; 1949ṁskāras.html?id=iHG3mhGrKw4C

English translation of the Mahabharata by Pratap Chandra Roy

Tamil translation of the Mahabharatam by Arutselva Perarasan from the English transaltion by Kisari Mohan Ganguli (Siddharkal Raajyam - Original in Tamil)

Hindu Mythology - Wisdom of Hinduism
About Hindu mythology and some untold truths and hidden facts of Hindu Mythology

Om Jai
Spiritual knowledge, wisdom and sublime philosophies of Sanatana Dharma, meaning "Eternal Universal Righteousness", popularly known as Hinduism; its spirit of pure devotion and practices of its teachings.

The objective of the website is to tell about the content and availability of the Key Vedic Literatures.
Early in life, Pandit MR Jambunathan made it his mission to translate the four Veda Samhitas - Rig, Yajur, Sama and Atharva Vedas - into Tamil, so that all literate Tamils could have access to the Vedas and learn for themselves the eternal values and the spiritual thoughts enshrined in them. At various fora, he enthused scholars to translate the Vedas into the language of the region from which they hailed, so that all Indians could have access to the ancient scriptures.
The Website also entails the life and works of Swami Dayanand Saraswati.

Tamil translation of the Vedas by MR Jambunathan - pdf files for download

Hinduism - Path of the Ancient Wisdom
Dr. Hiro Badlani, retired ophthalmologist from Mumbai, presently settled in U.S.A., worked passionately for over ten years, and wrote this volume after meticulous research - in nearly 400 pages, divided in 65 small easy to read chapters, in lucid narrative style.

Panchangam for the World

12,000 year old city of Lord Krishna found
Video - Ancient  aliens documentary from History Channel

The inner meaning and rationale behind Srivaishnava faith and belief

Veda Union is a network which seeks to unite all European Veda chanting groups, no matter of their country of origin, language or religion, under one mother organization.

Veda chanting by Europeans - watch videos

The 18 Siddhars