Paintings by Biju Mathew
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March 2010

Biju Mathew is an artist from Kerala, India. Paintings include landscapes, nature, stilllife, figurative paintings and creative works in contemporary style. Most of the paintings are acrylic paintings done in realistic oil painting style, either on acid free paper or on canvas. There are also works in watercolor, graphite pencil, charcoal pencil, colored pencil, pastels and crayons.

"Basically self taught, I owe my inspiration to many artists who are not selfish enough to keep their methods and techniques to themselves. I wish to mention the name of the great watercolor artist Milind Mulick in this context. He is a good friend and a great source of inspiration. I also owe a great deal in art department to my brother Ullas. I hold Bachelor's Degrees in Education and Mathematics, and a Master’s in English Literature" - Biju