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Illustrations in Tamil publications

April 2010 - latest update December 2011

Illustrations to stories, articles and jokes makes reading much more enjoyable. In this section I have attempted to collect and present a few works of these great artists. I am sure the copyright of the works rests with the artists. So, please do not use the images for commercial/non-commercial purposes. I have put them up in my site only because I enjoyed their artistry so much. Those who are familair with the works can recall happy memories of reading these magazines/books and the less familiar can get to know of our great artists' works and style.

I am just sharing low res images so we can enjoy the work of these great artists. I am not in direct contact with any of the artists and do not sell the prints or original paintings.

Illustrations by

Aras (last update - Feb 2021)

K Balaji - Illustrations / Cartoons (Sep 2016)

Bapu (last update - Nov 16, 2010)

Chitralekha (last update - Dec 17, 2011)

Dhanusu (last update - June 17, 2010)

GK Murthy (last update - Dec 17, 2011)

Gopulu (last update - June 17, 2010)
Gopulu II (Sep 5, 2012) (images shared by Dr.Kapilamoorthy)

JP (April 2010)

Maniam (last update - Jan 23, 2011)
Maniam II (Sep 5, 2012) (images shared by Dr.Kapilamoorthy)

Maniam Selvan (last update - June 17, 2010)

Maruti (last update - Feb 2021)
Nadanam (April 2010)

Padma Vaasan (last update - June 17, 2010)

Shyam (last update - Feb 2021)

Silpi (April 2010)

S Rajam (April 2010)

Ramu, Kalpana, Jayaraj (April 2010)

Umapathy, Maya, SG Baraskar, Thamarai (April 2010)

Varma (April 2010)

Veda (April 2010)

Vinu (last update - Jan 23, 2011)
Vinu II (last update - Dec 17, 2011)
Vinu III (Sep 5, 2012) (images shared by Dr.Kapilamoorthy)

About the artists

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