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Pen & ink drawings by S.Kanthan

January 2004

S.Kanthan, the self-taught artist of spot-drawing is a traveller in the strict chinese sense of the word. For him travel is simply vagabonding. He has an in-built capacity to wonder when he wanders. For him finding out lines, lying inside the infinite objects - trees & temples, bushes & buildings, foaming waters & flowing rivulets - are sheer joy for ever.When we look at the spot-drawings of S.Kanthan, we can very well understand that unless an artist enters into an intimate relationship with the objects surrounding him, he cannot convert a visual reality into a personal drawing.

He has not studied art in any institution of art. Just like leaves grow out of the stem of a living plant, lines spontaneously grow out of the pen of S. Kanthan. With an inner mechanism (about which he himself knows very little) he has developed an understanding of lines, tones, light, proportion & scale.

High degree of mental exercise is required to convert formal visions into fantastic drawings. To arrest multi-dimensional objects on paper, wall, silk or canvas, the artist must excel in the art of delination, demarcation & definition of the available space.

Whenever he takes up his pen & ink to draw a landscape, the treasurehouse of perceptual information already available deep inside his soul, comes to his rescue, to create a successful pictorial environment & thereby make his drawings, signatures of his own.