Siddhagiri Museum
Kolhapur, Maharashtra
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This holy centre is situated about 10 kms away from Kolhapur known as 'Dakshinkaashi' where the famous 'Mahalaxmi Temple' is located. It is 4 kms away from 'Pune-Banglore' highway.

A unique project, village life replicated in models has been developed at Shri Kshetra Siddhagiri Math, Kaneri, Tal. Karveer, Dist. Kolhapur, Maharashtra. The place is near Kolhapur city on Pune Banglore Highway. Shri Kshetra Siddhagiri Math has a history of more than 1000 years, and is a holy place of worship of Lord Mahadeva. The surrounding around the museum is very calm and quiet, a hilly place with a good collection of flora and fauna.

The project is a dream village of Mahatma Gandhi, visually and symbolically created through the vision and efforts of 27th Mathadhipati H.H.Adrushya Kadsiddheshwar Swamiji. At present his holiness Shri Adhrushya Kadsiddheswar Swamiji as the 49th Mathadhipathi, is running the Matha very efficiently with his versatile personality.

The main objective of the Project is to refresh the history of self sufficient village life before the invasion of Mughals in Maharashtra. There were 12 BALUTEDARS (12 main profession based casts i.e. professions performed by generation of family members) and 18 ALUTEDARS, who provided equipments to all villagers useful in their day-to-day necessities of domestic as well as agricultural life.

These Balutedars, Alutedars and others had special characteristics with which they served society. The description of all 18 Alutedars, 12 balutedars and other people and thir duties are vividly depicted in the museum.

The first phase of the museum spans over 7 acres of area with almost 80 main scenes and around 300 statues. Several subtle village lifestyles are taken into consideration. There is a unique combination of expression, accuracy and liveliness in the whole village. Each sculpture has a multi dimensional effect and lifestyle theme. Swamiji very keenly arranged each and every scene to make a proper visual story. Barter economy, interpersonal healthy happy relationship among villagers is reflected. The Museum projects the entire village as a single family, and as single family members in a joint family.
Slideshow of the village models and great ancient Indians

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Railway system is a facility for communication. There is an airport located nearby ‘Ujalaiwadi’ – 9 km away from Kolhapur.
Once you reach at Kolhapur stand or railway station, There are 2 ways by which you can travel to Siddhagiri Museum situated at Kaneri Math.

1. By Kolhpur Municipal Transport(KMT): You will have to catch a KMT bus for Kagal,Kaneri from Kolhpur bus stand( near Kolhapur railway station). If it is 'Kaneri' Bus then it will directly reach you to Siddhagiri Museum which is situated at Kaneri Math. If you catch 'Kagal' bus then get down at Kaneri MIDC and catch an auto from there for Kaneri Math.
2. By State Transport buses: Catch a bus for 'Kaneri MIDC'. There are many buses which will go to Kaneri MIDC. Some of the buses are for 'Chandrapur' , 'Chandgad', 'Kagal' which halt at Kaneri MIDC.
3. By your own vehical: This location is on the Pune Banglore highway at Gokul Shiragaon MIDC or Kaneri MIDC.

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