Places of interest in Tamilnadu
Text & Photographs by Lalitha Venkat
Kumbakonam also known as Temple City, is the second biggest town in Thanjavur District. It is located about 313 km away from Chennai on the south, about 90kms from Tiruchi on the east and about 40kms from Thanjavur on the north east. The town is bounded by two rivers - " River Cauvery" on the north and "River Arasalar" on the south. Kumbakonam is noted for its many temples with their colorful semi- erotic sculpture. Sarangapani Temple is the largest Vishnu temple in Kumbakonam and the Kumbeshwara Temple is the largest Shiva temple. Besides, there is a temple dedicated to Lord Brahma, which is very unique and rare in India.

All temples are closed between noon and 4.30pm. Except for Gangaikondacholapuram which requires a taxi, all these temples are quite closely located to Kumbakonam and it is very convenient to hire local auto rickshaws which have a fixed tariff to a combination of destinations. They wait for you till you are done with your prayer offerings.

Sarangapani temple
Ramaswamy temple
Chakrapani temple
Adi Kumbeshwara temple
Mahamagham Tank
Nageswara temple

Other temples in the town are Kasi Viswanatha, Someswara, Somanatha, Gautameswara and Vedaranya Perumal temples.

Kumbakonam is a good base from which to visit the nearby temples at Darasuram (5km), Thirunageswaram (5km), Thiruvinnagaram (6km), Tribuvanam (8km), Tiruvidaimarudur (8km), Thiruvalanchuzi (8km), Swamimalai (8km), Thirunaraiyur (10km), Gangaikondacholapuram (35km).


Places of interest in Tamilnadu

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