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Baleshwari Devi, New Delhi

This is a temple to the Hindu Goddess Durga or Vaishno Devi / Baleshvari Devi, located at Paschim Puri Pocket 3, First Park, New Delhi 110063.

The temple was created by small children to worship the Hindu Goddess Vaishno Devi and therefore it is named Shree Baleshwari Devi temple. (Bal - child).

On a chaitra Navaratri day, the children forgot to light her jot (lamp). The Goddess appeared in the dream of a girl and asked why her lamp had not been lit.

The young girl got frightened and she told everyone about her dream. All the devotees gathered to light her jot everyday. One Tuesday, a statue of lord Hanuman appeared miraculously from a neem tree. Then godess comes to the dream of the girl named "Naina" and asked for the "Purn Nirman" of the temple. The people did not have sufficient money for the rituals. So, they indulged in small robberies of cement etc. One day one of the member was caught and was hit hard. The devotees complained to the goddess that she did not care to come to their help when they were involved in robbery only to reconstruct her temple. The Goddess replied that she will help them if they refrain from illegal acts such as robbery.

One day a "Ramta Jogi" who had come from "Pawa Gahd" was sitting in front of the temple and murmuring. When asked whom he was speaking to, he said that he was talking to the Goddess. On the legendry date 9th August 2006, all the members did the "Purn Murti Sthapna" of the Goddess. Soon the Goddess came in the dream of a devotee & asked that the temple should be named on small children as "SHREE BALLESHVARI DEVI".

After some days "BABA BHAIRAV NATH" came in the dream of a girl named "Payal" in the "roop" of his "vahan", a black dog and asked for his place.

There is a pind of "Baba Bhairav Nath", a Shiva temple and on the side there is a small pind of "Mata Sheetala Devi" on a tree of berries. All these pinds also appeared at the temple miraculously. These are not wild tales, they are true stories. The most famous is of the dream in which the Godess appeared in the dream of a person named "Nikulesh Chouhan" in Banglore and told him about the most powerful "PRATHA" - Offering of 21 coconuts. Devotees have to sacrifice 11 coconuts. 9 coconuts have to hang as "TORAN". 1 has to be sthapit on the potkalash. After this Godess removes all obstacles. This is the biggest vidhi of the temple.

Information provided by sachi halvadiya, Shree Baleshwari Devi commitee

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