108 Divya Desams
Thiru Naraiyur (Naachiyaar Koil)
The temple is located 6 miles from Kumbakonam.

The Moolavar is Thirunaraiyur Nambi, (Srinivaasan, Vaasudevan) seen in standing posture (Thirumanakolam). The Lord married Vanjulavalli, daughter of Medaavi rishi (in the five forms of Sangarshanan, Pradyumnan, Aniruddhan, Purushothaman, Vaasudevan). Naachiyaar is the main Goddess. There is a separate sannidhi for Garuda. The Gurada vahanam in this temple can be carried by four people in the first sannidhi. But by the time they reach the temple entrance, the weight keeps increasing & 64 people carry it. During Garudasevai, the Lord is seated on the stone Garudan & Naachiyaar on Anna Vahanam. The Brahmotsavam in Margazhi is an important festival.

Thaayaar - Vanjulavalli (Nambikkai Naachiyaar) in standing posture near the Lord in thirumanakolam (wedding).

Theertham - Mani Muktha Pushkarini, Sangarshana Theertham, Prathyumna Theertham, Aniruddha Theertham, Saamba Theertham.

Thirumangaialwar - 1078, 1329, 1470, 1478-1577, 1611, 1659, 1852, 2067, 2068, 2673, 2674

Total of 110 Paasurams.


108 Vaishnava Divya Desangal