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Kateel, Karnataka

This small temple for Bramaraambigai is located at Kateel, about 25 kms from Mangalore. The temple is situated in the middle of the sacred river, Nandini. The river originates at a spot about 8 miles away, splits into two parts near the temple & rejoins on the other side of the temple.

The main sannadhi for Durgai is beyond the Dwajasthambha mandapam. The kodimaram or flag staff is covered with silver plating. The Devi is seen in a seated posture with four arms. In the upper arms she holds the Changu & Chakram (conch & discuss). The lower two hands are in the abhaya & varadha mudras. The Devi destroyed the asura Arunaasuran & hence is also known by the name Arunaasuramardini. Since she killed the asuran in the form of a bee (bramaram), she is known by the name Bramaraambigai. Since the Devi is seated in the middle (katee) of the Nandini river, the place is called Kateel.

The other deities in the temple - Rakteswari (a swayambu rock), Mahaaganapati, Ayyappan, Kshetrabalas, Nagas.

Kumkumam, Chandanam & flowers of the betelnut tree are offered as prasaadham. There is a Yakshagaana troupe in the temple.

Jaabaali rishi planned to conduct a yaagam for the prosperity of the world which was suffering from acute famine. He requested Indran to send the Kaamadhenu (the sacred cow which could give anything that one asked) to provide all the materials for the Yaagam. Since Kaamadhenu was not available, Indran offered the services of her daughter Nandini. Nandini considered the earth an evil place & refused to go there. The angered rishi cursed that she be born on earth. Nandini prayed to the Devi to redeem her from the curse. Devi asked Nandini to appear on earth as a river retaining her purity & purifying others. She promised to appear in her midst & bless the world.

Arunaasuran who had fled the battlefield during the war between Devi & Sumba, Nishumban, had now grown powerful as a result of his penance & recital of Gaayathri mandiram. He had got the boon that he should not be destroyed by man, animal, bird living in land or water. He was destroying peace on earth. On the request of Sriman Naaraayanan Devi came to earth in the form of a beautiful maiden. Arunaasuran followed her eagerly. She suddenly vanished behind a rock in the middle of the Nandini river. The enraged Arunaasuran struck the rock, splitting it. The Devi appeared as a bee, killed Arunaasura & destroyed his army. The pleased devotees, Devas & Jaabaali rishi performed abhishekam to the Devi with tender coconuts to cool and calm her after the war. Tender coconut water abhishekam is performed even today to please the Devi.
Ashtalakshmi temple, Besant Nagar, Chennai