A popular saying associated with Mylapore is
"Mayilaye Kayilai" ( Mylapore is the Kailash - abode of Lord Shiva ).

As an indication of this, there are seven 'sthalas' of Lord Shiva in Mylapore, Chennai, Tamil Nadu. This is a unique feature.

One among those temples is the very ancient temple of Lord "MALLEESWARAR".

The Sthalapuranam of the temple goes like this. Prarthan, a Shiva devotee of Ayodhya chose this place full Malligai ( Jasmine ) bushes to do penance on Lord Shiva & was blessed with the darshan of the Lord along with his consort "MARAGATHAMBAL". The Lingam worshipped by him was in an area of Malligai bushes & hence the name "MALLEESWARAR". The belief about this temple is that the Garlands exchanged between the 'God' & the 'Goddess' during the 'Kalyana Uthsavam' if worn by an unmarried person & kept at home would bring wedlock. Also offering of Jasmine garland on six consecutive Mondays to Lord Shiva will fulfill one's wishes.