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Mahendeshwar Mahadev Shivalaya
Hisar, Haryana
Information and images provided by Ankit Bharadwaj

Jan 2012 - latest update: Feb 2012

This Siva temple is located in the village of Bass at Hisar district in Haryana.

Legend says, there was a king who was returning with his huge army after a war.  All the soldiers were extremely tired and would perish if they did not get some water. They searched desperately for some water but could find none.

They came across a huge black Siva lingam. A wet bull came and sat beside the lingam. They prayed to the Lord and tied a pot to the bull.  It came back with the pot full of water.  They realised there was a source of water nearby and followed the wet tracks to find the lake. 

An old man who was the guardian of the lake said he would permit them to drink the water, if they raised a temple for Lord Shiva at the place. The king agreed and his army was refreshed. Thankful, they built a Shiva temple as promised to the old man with boundary wall and steps for the tank.

This Mandh lake is considered one among the 68 thirthams.