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Nemili Sri Bala Peetam, Vellore, Tamilnadu
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& a booklet published by the peetam

Nemili Sri Bala is a small and young Goddess, the size of the little finger but considered as powerful as the sun by her devotees.

Sri Bala Peetam is not a temple, but a small house where the Sri Bala idol decided to reside. Nemili is located 55kms from Vellore, 24 kms from Kanchipuram, 16 kms from Arakonam, 30 kms from Sholingur, 20 kms from Kaveripakkam.

About a hundred years ago, the Goddess appeared in Shri Subramania Iyer's dream, asking him to come and fetch her from the river Kushasthalai. For about three days, Shri Subramania Iyer searched the backyard of his home and the river banks but in vain. The next day, he got hold of the three-inch bronze idol in the river, which he consecrated and placed in the center of his house, which is now currently the Bala Peetam. The prime deity of this temple is Raja Rajeswari, the family deity of the pundits over there. The deity Bala Thiripura Sundari has supposedly come on earth as a child goddess.

The devotees are expected to wish and pray, without offering something in return as a bribe. It is believed that she is upset by the bargaining attitude of devotees. The prayers to the Goddess should not be accompanied by a promise to be fulfilled on attainment of the wish.

Sri Kanchi Paramacharya performed pooja here in 1945 along with his religious group for three full days.

It was Thirumuruga Kripananda Variyar, who told the following quotes "I see in this great peetam, the collection of all our Gods on earth".

Temple Practices:

Since the deity is a child, the prasadam is chocolates and biscuits. The devotees are given only chocolates. The decoration or the alankaram of the deity also is a pretty simple silk paavaadai (skirt).

Temple Address:

Nemili Sri Bala Peetam,
# 22, Chatram Street,
Nemili, Vellore District 631051
Ph: (04177)-247216