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Balasubramania Swami temple - Murugar Temple
Siruvapuri, Tamilnadu

Information collected from the Tamil monthly Penmani, July 2007 issue

The Balasubramania Swami temple at Siruvapuri, also known as Chinnambedu is located along the Chennai - Kolkatta Highway on the Gummidi Poondi route, 33 kms from Chennai. Lord Muruga punished Brahma, the Lord of creation for his pride and ignorance and took on the process of creation from this sthalam.

It is believed that Lava & Kusa, Lord Rama's sons worshipped Siva & Muruga at Siruvapuri. Lava & Kusa held Rama's Ashwamedha yaagam horse & tied it up. When Lord Rama requested them to release the horse, they refused & fought with him. Sita appeared on the scene and put an end to the fight, explaining that Lord Rama is their father.

The name Siruvapuri is derived from Siruvarpuri or Siruvar por puri (Siruvar-young lads Lava & Kusa, por-war, puri-place, the place where the young lads fought with Rama).
The name Chinnambedu is derived from Lava Kusa ambu edu (ambu-arrow, edu-take, Lava & Kusa, take the arrow).

The temple is situated about 3 kms distance from the entrance arch. There is a five tier raja gopuram. Near the Kodimaram (Dgwjastambam), there is a beautiful emerald (maragada) peacock.

There is no peacock along with the Moolavar (main deity) who gives darshan in a standing pose with his vel. He holds a jabamlai (rosary) in his upper right hand and a kamandalam in his upper left hand like Brahma. Devotees can gain knowledge and gnananam by worshipping this Muruga in the Brahma Sastha posture. The Maragada Vinayakar Sannadhi (Raja Ganapathi) can be seen at the South-East corner. There is a green emerald Ganesha idol here. There are sannadhis for Chandikeswarar, Aadhimoolar, Naagar, Bairavar, Navagrahams. All the Navagrahams can be seen along with their vahanams (vehicles). On the South, there is a sannadhi for Annamalaiar and Unnamulai Amman (emerald idols). There is also an idol of Muruga with Valli.

In the mukha mandapa, there is a scene depicting Arunagirinathar singing the praise of Lord Muruga.