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The three Sakthi Temples
Ichchaa Sakthi - Thiruvudai Amman
Gnaana Sakthi - Vadivudai Amman
Kriyaa Sakthi - Kodiyidai Amman
Chennai, Tamilnadu

The temples for these three sakthis are located in Chennai. It is considered auspicious to get darshan of all three sakthis one after the other on the same day, especially on a full moon day & if possible on a full moon day which falls on a Friday. The form of the Devi in all three temples are identical.

The Sakthi to be visited first, early in the morning is Thiruvudai Amman - Ichchaa Sakthi (the devi who will fulfill devotees wishes). Special prayers are to offered to this Devi by offering yellow saree & mangoes for neivaedhiyam.

The Lord is Thirumanangeesar.

The temple is located in Meloor (since there is a Melur down south, this place is also known as North Meloor). Nearby locations are Nandiambakkam, Minjur.

Sthala Puraanam
This place was once a forest with filled with trees & shrubs with sweet smelling flowers and was known as Suganda Vanam (Suganda-indicating sweet smelling, vanam-forest).

The people from neighbouring villages found a grazing cow showering its milk into a shrub. They found a Lingam (Svayambu - self formed) within the shrub. They worshipped the Lord as Sungandavaneswaran. In due course the name changed to Thirumanangeesar, a tamil name. There are sannadhis for Appar, Sundarar, Manickavasagar, Suryan, Bariravar, Veerabadrar.

The Sakthi to be visited second, in the morning is Vadivudai Amman - Gnaana Sakthi (the devi who will bless us with Gananam - facing south). Amman Sannadhi is to the left of Lord Siva's sannadhi. Special prayers are to offered to this Devi by offering red saree & jack fruit for neivaedhiyam.

The Lord is Thyaagaraaja Swaami. He is known by other names such as Aadhipureeswarar (the sthalapuranam claims that this is the first temple in the world), Vaanmeega naadhar, Kaarani Vidangar, Padambakka Naadhar, Maanicka Thyaagar, Thiruvotreeswaran. The temple is located in Tiruvotriyur, 7 kms from Paris, Chennai. Sundarar, one of the four saivaite saints married Sangiliar at this temple with the Maghizhamboo tree as witness. The tree stands to this day.

There are sannadhis for Ganesha, Balasubramanian, Infant Siva, Valar Kali Amman in the outer prakaaram.

In the inner prakaaram are the sannadhis of the 63 saivaite saints, Adi Shankarar.

There are 27 lingams in a row, one for each of the 27 stars.

The Sakthi to be visited third, in the evening is Kodiyidai Amman - Kriyaa Sakthi (the Devi who assists us in all our actions). Special prayers are to offered to this Devi by offering green saree & bananas for neivaedhiyam.

The Lord is Maasilaamaneeswarar.

The temple is located in Thirumullaivaayil (a place full of Mullai flowers - jasmine & hence the name), near Ambattur, Aavadi. Sthala Puraanam
When Thondaiman was the ruler of Thondai Mandalam, people were tortured by unruly gangsters. The king set out to destroy them. But they were very powerful having gained the support of negative forces, by means of mantrams & tantrams. On his way back, the king's elephant caught its leg in a Mullai creeper. The king tried to cut the creepers with his sword. Blood started sprouting from the spot. The king cleared the spot & found a Svayambu Siva Lingam. The king was so upset that he had hurt the Lord that he raised his sword to cut off his own head. Lord Siva appeared along with Uma Devi, Nandi Devar & his ganas and blessed the king. He sent Nandi Deva along with the king to destroy the gangsters. The grateful king constructed a temple for the Lord. Since the Lingam was cut, a medcinal herbal sandal paste is appled to the Lingam (sandana Kaappu). The Devi sannadhi is seen to the right of the Lord's sannadhi. The Nandi idol instead of facing the Lord, is seen facing the entrance of the temple. It is believed that he is on the alert looking to vanquish the bad elements. There is a sannadhi for Thondaiman. In the outer prakaaram, there are the sannadhis of Vinayagar, Suryan, Virabadrar, Nagar, Lord Muruga with Valli & Deivayanai, Colzhapureeswarar & Kusalapureeswarar.


Thyagaraja Swami, Vadivudai Amman temple
Ph: 25733703

Travel details
The Thirumanangeeswarar - Thiruvudai Amman Temple is located at Melur, in Chennai suburb, around 3 km away from the Minjur railway station. Local trains from Chennai Central goes to Minjur in around an hours time. Buses are also available from CMBT, Broadway etc to Minjur, but they are very infrequent. When going by bus to Minjur, there is a bus stop at Melur which comes before Minjur. From the bus stop, the temple is around 1 km away. From the Minjur railway station, there are shared autorickshaws to Melur bus stop.

The Thyagarajar - Vadivudai Amman Temple is located at Therady bus stop in Thiruvottiyur High Road (T. H. Road), Chennai. The Therady bus stop is around 2 km from Thiruvottiyur bus depot.

The Masilamaneeswarar - Kodiyidai Amman Temple is located in Thirumullaivoyal, Chennai, after passing the Pachiamman temple in Kulakkarai Steet (coming from the main road).
Ashtalakshmi temple, Besant Nagar, Chennai