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near Sirkazhi and Mayavaram, Tamilnadu

This holy place is sanctified by the humanitarian doctor Vadieeswaran, enshrined as a Swayambhu Lingam. It is located between the famous towns of Sirkazhi and Mayavaram of Tamilnadu There is a spacious temple with two parakarams and four tall towers & two tanks called Siddhamritha thirtham and Jatayukundam inside the prakaram. There are many mini shrines housing the august deities like Vinayaka, Muthukumarar, Balambal called Thaiyalnayaki. It contains many shining bronze statues of deities like Angaraka, Nataraja, Jatayu, Somaskandhar, Singaravelar, Bikshadanar, etc. Sri Rama is beleived to have performed the rites for Jatayu. Angaraka, Surya, Sampathu, Jatayu worshipped the Moolavar Maheshwar with great veneration.

Lord Subramanya in this temple is called Muthukumarar and the idol is very big in size of great beauty. Lord Muruga got his powerful vel from here. Kirthigai festival is celebrated with great eclat. Angaraka (Mars) is worshipped here at this temple. Such significance to Angaraka is given nowhere else in India. Weekly poojas are performed ith utmost enthusiasm. He was cured of his disease here. A great feature in the temple construction, is the design and position of the western tower, which allows the rays of the Sun to fall on the Sivalinga for a few days every year. Vembadimal - Sthala vriksham is another important feature. This sacred temple tree has been existing since the Kritayugam and is called by various names. It was known as Kadamba in the Kritayugam; Bilva, during the Tretayugam, Vakula in the Dwaparayugam and Neem in the Kaliyugam.