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Book ‘Shishu Sadhana - a child friendly Bharata Natya repertoire’ with a DVD
by Mamata Niyogi-Nakra, released at Centre St-Pierre, Montreal, on 16th January 2005

The work on Shishu Sadhana started in 1994. “Shishu Sadhana has been created in the spirit of sharing my teaching experience of over two decades with younger Bharata Natya dance teachers at Kala Bharati, and by extension, with anyone else who is interested in teaching dance to children. I, on my part feel a sense of fulfillment, as my Guru the well known U.S. Krishna Rao, who was the first one other than O.S. Arun to receive Shishu Sadhana and view the DVD, has sent his blessings,“ says Niyogi-Nakra. “I am trying to form a core group of dance teachers involved in training the young in Classical Indian Dance, who would eventually be interested enough to become active members of daCi (Canada) – to raise the awareness within the Indian dance community of the International organization Dance and the Child International (daCi).”

The book including the DVD is being distributed free of charge but, depending on your address, some postal charges may be required.

“I was very much impressed by Sunday's presentation and the scope of your project and this dear little book reinforces my enthusiasm for what you have done. Not only does it fetchingly describe the process of realization of your dream with warmth and heartfelt memories, it does so with great allure reflecting the child-friendly Shishu Sadhana that you have created in similar style and grace. Somehow with this new repertoire, you transcended your adulthood to become a child again. You teased classical dance ideas in such a way that they entered and enriched the child in each of us, reawakening the joys of universal childhood. I am sure it will delight children of today and tomorrow as much as those of yesterday.”
- Linde Howe-Beck, Montreal based dance critic and writer

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