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Devaratham - Or Arimugam
- A book by Sthapathi K.Rajamani & Dr.Susil Pani translated to Tamil by Dr.R.Krishnamurthy

Dr. Susil Pani has been interested in photography from his college days. He has been steadily taking and collecting photographs of the Villianur Thirukameswarar temple chariot, the five chariots of Chidambaram, Kumbakonam, Thiruvanaamalai, Thanjavur, Srirangapatnam, Srirangam, Tiruchi, Madurai since 1966. He has presented a solo photo exhibit of the 2004 Puri Jaganathar car festival. The general appreciation for this show made him venture further in collating all the collected information in the form of a book. Sthapathi Rajamani, Sthapathi Bhuvanasundaram and Dr.Vijayavenugopal shared their knowledge - intricate sculptural details, line drawings and information on the idols. Dr.Krishnamurthy translated the book in Tamil.

The book covers in detail - the history of the temple chariots, the structural magnificence, intricate yet stable scientific construction, car festivals, social and cultural background, traditional and devotional aspects.

Dr. Susil Pani is an eye doctor from the state of Orissa, now settled in the city of Puducherry. He comes from a very illustrious family, his father being late Dr. Raghunath Pani who was an educationalist, writer, dramatist, composer, and musician both Carnatic Veena and Hindustani vocal singer. Dr. Susil Pani has been interested in photography from his college days and has been taking pictures on a variety of subjects. His interests include: Indian classical dance forms, temple cars, temples, stage photography, nature, etc. He has already presented the following in solo photo exhibits: Indian classical and folk dances, spiritual significance of flowers, chariots of god: temple cars, general photography. He can be contacted at

A detailed article by Dr.Susil Pani on Dancing figures from the temple cars of South India can be read at