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Solo art show titled Living In Harmony With Nature by Chennai-based contemporary fine artist Dharshana Bajaj
19 & 20 March 2022
, at The Painter’s Garden, Thanikachalam Road, T.Nagar.
Inauguration by eminent art critic and art historian, Dr. Ashrafi S. Bhagat, at 11.30am on 19th March.

Living In Harmony With Nature by Dharshana Bajaj
The artist’s eighth solo show in over16 years comprising oil paintings, water colour works, pencil drawings, as well as some digital art. All the art works are based on the theme of living in harmony with Nature, a subject of great concern to the artist as well as most people today.

Living In Harmony With Nature by Dharshana Bajaj

Living In Harmony With Nature by Dharshana Bajaj

The artist considers it a personal mission, to inspire people to appreciate Nature more, and honour it. One of her favourite works depicts the figure of Sai Baba over a rather realistic rendering of some hibiscus flowers, aptly titled I Am That (Sai). The figure in outline is dotted, to represent the atoms that we are made of, and indicates how enmeshed we truly are with all that surrounds us. We are an integral part of Nature, not apart from it - this acknowledgement is the goal of this artist, as well as a greater awakening to man’s true place in Nature.

Biography: Dharshana Bajaj lives and works in Chennai, India. Her greatest inspiration is Nature. And her favourite theme is depicting people living in harmony with Nature, with the awareness that they are “a part” of it, not “apart” from it. In her work she is largely guided by her understanding of Advaitha philosophy, which considers that we are all one, interconnected with Nature and each other on a very quantum level. Dharshana’s preferred media are oil paints on canvas, watercolors and drawings on paper, as well as digitally modified art.

Recently, Dharshana has been awarded the Certificate of Artistic Merit from an international museum, the Pinacotheque Musuem,  for this collection. The artist’s work can also be viewed online on her social media pages as well as her website -