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Talk on "The Importance of Prakrit in Literature and Religion" by Dr Abhijeet Alagoudar - the concept of Prakrits, some of the variants and dialects, the use of Prakrit in drama and poetry as well as religious texts, and the evolution of some of today's languages from the Prakrit source.
at 5.30 pm IST on Saturday, December 3, 2022. Talk in English.

Prakrits were a group of Indo-Aryan languages that were used in the Indian sub continent from the middle of the first millennium CE and continued to flourish well into the first millenium CE.  Knowledge of Prakrit is important to understand the history of Indian languages as well as to learn Indian philosophies. Much of Buddhist and Jaina literature was written in Prakrit. Scholars opine that understanding of Sanskrit language is not complete unless one learns the Prakrits.
Dr Abhijeet Alagoudar
is a member of the faculty in the Department of Studies in Jainology and Prakrits, University of Mysore. He has a BA in Sanskrit, MA in Prakrit and was awarded his PhD by the University of Mysore. He has authored four books on various features of Jainism and has edited and translated two more including a Dictionary for Jaina Technical Terms. He is also manuscript reader for the Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts, New Delhi. He has been invited to teach Jaina Philosophy by various institutions and has participated and presented papers in several international seminars.

The Importance of Prakrit in Literature and Religion by Dr Abhijeet Alagoudar

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