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This section features info on events / workshops organised by various insitutions. has featured the information as received from the concerned organisation / individual
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International Sand Art Festival
Dec 1-5, 2012 Puri, Odisha
Photos courtesy: Odisha Tourism


- This DVD provides valuable and rare insights into Indian Classical Music as well as Indian Classical Paintings through the life and works of Shri S.Rajam - a doyen in both fields of Art. While enjoying the music through his impeccable voice, one can also visualize it through his immortal paintings. The legend himself narrates various delectable anecdotes while looking back at his long and eventful life. His towering contributions and his unique personality are documented through impressions of his peers and followers.

S.Rajam is a multifaceted genius with creative talents in a variety of fields such as music, musicology, classical painting and acting. In the field of music, S. Rajam is an unparalleled authority on Vivadi ragas and has done much to popularize Koteeswara Iyer's kritis. He has the distinction of being the only musician to have recorded all the 72 compositions of Kanda Ganamutham, most of the kritis being accompanied by Raga, Niraval and Kalpana swaras. He was also well known for keeping the Classical Indian Painting style contemporary. He has immensely contributed to enrich our cultural heritage for over six decades.

S.B.Khanthan, has written and directed an impressive array of documentaries and works of Carnatic Music Vidwans like GNB, T.Brinda, Ramnad Krishnan, Lalgudi G.Jayaraman, Umayalpuram K.Sivaraman, Tanjore S.Kalyanaraman, N.Ravikiran and T.M.Krishna. He has co- written and directed this DVD. He also directs Corporate Films, Advertisements and TV Serials.

Lalitha Ram, material scientist by profession, is a regular contributor to various magazines on fields of music and history. His biographies on Carnatic music legends - GNB and Palani Subramania Pillai were critically acclaimed and well received. He is also among the founder-editors of the e-zine, This documentary movie on S.Rajam marks his debut in direction.
- Kalakendra Team
Phone: +91-44-24984050


Kalasagar, commemorated the 20th death anniversary of its founder, Kathakali maestro, the late Kalamandalam Krishnankutty Poduval, on Sunday, October 14, as GURUSMARANADINAM (Homage to Gurus) by honouring - Guru T N Krishnan (Violin) and Guru Dhananjayans.
At Chandra Mandala, SPACES, No. 1 Elliot's Beach Road, Besant Nagar, Chennai 600 090

Shri Krishnankutty Poduval, was a legendary player of the chenda and an informed critic of Kathakali. He studied the visual grammar and rhythmic structure of Kathakali under Guru Pattikkamthodi Ravunni Menon and went on to reinterpret the chenda‘s role in Kathakali. Poduval was reputed for tracing subtle emotions in the characters with his chenda, providing mood music to romantic scenes and prompting the actors to do their best on stage. His holistic understanding of Kathakali helped him integrate music with each visual. This remains an unparalleled achievement. Poduval scripted and directed many Kathakali plays like Bhishmaprathignya, Amba, King Lear, and Snapakacharitham. He left behind a treasure trove
of knowledge on Kerala's performing arts in general and on Kathakali in particular - both at the theoretical and practical level.

Kalasagar continues to promote and propagate his ideals by enabling precise training and performing of traditional art forms, besides participating in cultural festivals across Kerala and outside. Kalasagar has a team of well known Gurus and talented artists who perform traditional art forms such as Kathakali, Ottenthullal, Chakyarkoothu, Bharatanatyam, Mohiniattom, Panchavadyam, Thayambaka, Keli, and Chenda Melam as well as present lecture demonstrations.

Kalasagar has been annually celebrating its founder's birthday on May 28 with events which have become a part of the cultural calendar of Kerala with the active support and participation of well-wishers. In May 2008, the Kerala Kalamandalam published MELAPERUKKAM, a book containing Poduval's articles and in May 2012, it released SOURYAGUNAM, Poduval's biography by Prof. K P Babudas.

Kalasagar Award in Poduval's memory is being presented to eminent artists in the field of Kathakali, Ottenthullal, Chakyarkuthu, Thayambaka, Panchavadyam, Bharathanatyam, Mohiniyattom, Kuchipudi. The awardees are selected through nominations from art lovers.

Oct 27- Nov 10, 2012

6th Edition of Delhi International Arts Festival 2012
Organized for the last 6 years now, Delhi International Arts Festival is the signature festival pioneered by the Prasiddha Foundation and run by Prathibha Prahlad, as a public-private partnership venture. DIAF, as it is popularly known has changed the landscape of the City. From Classical, fusion, world to contemporary music and dance- both Indian and Western; contemporary theatre, cinema festivals on artistes, literature and Delhi, visual arts, comedy, puppet, DIAF has everything in one platform. Starting this year from Oct 27- Nov 10, DIAF aims to create a fusion of enthralling performances by Indian and International artists.

This year the festival would feature artistes from 30 countries. The festival would begin with Sufi musicians from India,Pakistan, Iran and Turkey. Jazz troupes would be flown in from Polland, Norway and Pakistan. The extravaganza also offers performances by seasoned national and international groups with puppetry, art exhibitions, classical music and qawwali performances.

DIAF brings global perspective in terms of aesthetic and artistic experience into the city simultaneously offering local artists the opportunity to interact and perform in an international context. This powerful projection of India in the world serves as a cogent tool for cultural diplomacy and cultural tourism. Prathibha Prahlad, who has conceived and is the Festival Director, is not only an outstanding exponent of Bharatanatyam, but an extraordinary cultural visionary.

Sep 29 - Oct 16, 2012

Kal-Arikkaigal(Statements with Stone) for Kaivalam
Gallery Art and Soul, ECR presents KAL-ARIKKAIGAL (Statements with Stone) showcasing local artisans' artistry with stone, as stand alone expressions or creating links when crafted with metal, wood, terracotta and ceramics.
Venue: Gallery Art and Soul, 204/A, East Coast Road, Akkarai, Chennai (11am-9pm Monday Holiday) ; 91 44 2453 0033 ;

14 - 25 Sep 2012 @ Gallery Art n Soul

VINAYAGAR AGAVAL - Painting Exhibition
by M Anuradha, R Arun, Francis Leon, SP Koteswaran, S MohanSundaram, C Senthilkumaran, TJ Thiyagarajan, C Pandiselvam, Rajendra Prabhu, RS Vilvapriyah, G Suvedha, U Aarthi
Venue: Gallery Art and Soul, 204/A, East Coast Road, Akkarai, Chennai (11am-9pm Monday Holiday) ; 91 44 2453 0033 ;

"Inner Flow" An exhibition of Chitrakathi Paintings on Bharatha - Koothu

Streetparade of the gods
20th July - 11th November 2012

An exhibition organized by Museum Rietberg of around 300 metal figurines made for ritual purposes by metal casters from Bastar, Chhattisgarh

- Tribal tryst

Bastar's indigenous art gets a grand display at Museum Rietberg in Zurich, says Aarti Dua

Santal creation myth in "Painted Songs": an exhibition and publication on Bengali picture-scroll traditions - Zurich (Switzerland)

Students art competition

25 August 2012, 3-4.30pm
Namma Chennai ECR ; Students Art Competition
Venue: Gallery Art and Soul, 204/A, East Coast Road, Akkarai, Chennai ; 91 44 2453 0033 ;

Krishna Prerna
presents the 3rd edition of Raasrang World Flute Festival from 9-11 Aug 2012, Lotus Temple, New Delhi, India
9 - 11 Aug 2012 at New Delhi
12 Aug 2012 at Kolkata
12 Aug 2012 at Thiruvananthapuram

20-31 July 2012, 11am-10pm (daily except Mondays)
Kerubin artists from Auroville present
by Miranda Rumina, Dalaj Eegol, Matej Kumar - Inauguration on 20 July 2012
Venue: 204/A, East Coast Road, Akkarai, Chennai ; 91 44 2453 0033 ;

July 9 - 14, 2012 Chennai

Pappus Academic and Cultural Trust supported by ABHAI organizes the first ever complete NATYA SASTRA WORKSHOP COVERING ALL 36 CHAPTERS by Dr. Pappu Venugopala Rao from 9am -12.30 every day, tea break around 10.30am for 15 minutes
Venue: Tag Centre, TTK Road, Chennai 600 018
free to Participants
• Full Sanskrit text of Natya Sastra PDF
• English transliteration of Natya Sastra by MM Ghosh, translation and Abhinavagupta's commentary as PDF
• Abhinaya Darpana - English translation of MM Ghosh as PDF.
Please bring a 4GB flash drive, pen and notebook. Artistes desirous of participating in the workshop may contact ABHAI office (24994751) or Pappuji ( for further details.
Contact Rama, manager of ABHAI: (044) - 24994751 /

Tamil Heritage Workshops for Children - Summer Camp 2012
May 19 - 20 (Sat - Sun), 2:30 to 6:30 pm, Ragha Sudha Hall, Mylapore

Details of the program:
Saturday, May 19 (2:30 to 6:30 pm):
1) Life of Ramanujan, Math Genius: N Balasubramaniam / Badri Seshadri: The fascinating story of Srinivasa Ramanujan, India's greatest modern Mathematician
2) Astronomy before the telescope: R Gopu: A brief history and an easy introduction to what you can see up in the sky with your naked eyes - Sun, Moon, Planets and Stars
3) Plants around us: Prof S Swaminathan: A presentation on the plants we see around us and some that we don't see, followed by a guided tour of Nagesvara Rao Park to learn about the plants there.

Sunday, May 20 (2:30 to 6:30 pm):
1) The exciting Math of Srinivasa Ramanujan: N Balasubramaniam / Badri Seshadri: A brief introduction to what Ramanujan did with numbers.
2) Kaagitha Origami: Kirigami Ramesh: Hands-on learning of what lovely art you can produce with paper
3) Hindu Iconography: V Sivaramakrishnan / Badri Seshadri: A presentation on how to identify icons in Hindu temples and the stories behind them, followed by a guided tour of Kapaleesvarar Temple in Mylapore.
Contact: Swaminathan (24671501); Gopu (98417-24641); Badri (98840-66566)

The 72nd Year BHAGAVATA MELA NATAKA MAHOTSAV was held from the 18th May 2012.

The centuries old Utsav is held annually with religious fervour in the sannidhi of Lord Sri Varadaraja, as part of celebration of Sri Nrusimha Jayanti. Coming into being as a result of Bhakti movement about 450 years ago, the ritualistic Bhagavata Mela tradition, a Telugu heritage nurtured in Tamil country, richly deserves a vast support from the art-world.
The Bhagavata Mela Nataka Mahotsav 2012 featured not only Bhagavata Mela natakams but also many fitting events akin to Bhagavata Mela. The great Bhagavata Mela tradition is a unique blend of bhakti, music, dance and drama in vogue over 4 centuries. The Bhagavata Mela natakams, composed by Melattur Venkatarama Sastry (1743-1809 A.D), are performed annually, in adherence to the Natya Veda, in the sannidhi of Lord Sri Varadaraja Perumal temple of Melattur village as part of Sri Narasimha Jayanti Vasantotsav.
Preserved in pristine purity as a true temple art with no commercial interests, this great theatre art, considered as the only surviving link in Tamil Nadu today that connects us to the ancient Sanskrit theatre, struggles for survival amidst pernicious odds and hardship.
Venue: Sri Varadaraja Perumal Sannidhi, Melattur

Hinduism Summit (Dharmajagruti Sabha) in Hindu Heritage Centre, Mississauga, Ontario

A Hinduism Summit was held on Saturday, 28th April from 2:30 to 4:45 PM at the Hindu Heritage Centre, Mississauga, Ontario. This free event, held by the Heritage Centre and Forum for Hindu Awakening, commenced with conch blowing, Vedic recitations and lamp lighting. It featured presentations by Hindu leaders, videos and exhibitions on topics ranging from the tenets of Hinduism, maintaining Hindu identity in Canada, issues faced by Hindu youth in Canada, to Hindu spiritual healing remedies on health, relationship or financial problems.

‘COLORPLAY' show by Anushee Jain at Gallery Art and Soul
Friday, 30th March, 2012 at 7.00 pm - inauguration by G.VENKET RAM, renowned photographer
The Exhibition was on view from 30th march - 1st April, from 11am - 9pm.
Venue: 204 - A, East Coast Road, Akkarai, Chennai - 600019.
Contact: 91 44 24530033 / 91 72997 73311

Bhoomika's Dance-in-Education project 2012

Kalakshetra Foundation launched the book ‘A TREATISE ON MUDRAS - A LEXICON OF KATHAKALI AND NATYASHASTRA MUDRAS' on March 10, 2012, written by the late P G Gopalakrishna Iyer, during the 1940s as a part of the detailed thesis that he submitted to the University of Rangoon. The book was released by Kathakali scholar Dr. OM Anujan and the first copy was received by Lakshmi Lal, the daughter of the author, who was instrumental in getting it published through Kalakshetra Foundation.
The text was written after a thorough study of the key texts on dance, viz. the Natya Shastra, Hasthalakshanadeepika, and the Abhinaya Darpana, as well as careful viewings of Kathakali performances and comparisons between the texts and the prevalent practice. As a part of writing of the book, he also took hundreds of photographs for which the legendary Thakazhi Kunchu Kurup had posed. These, along with detailed footnotes, descriptions and a comparative analysis of the Hasthalakshanadeepika to the stage practice of the time provide a fascinating insight into the art form to scholars, performers and dance enthusiasts alike.
Iyer also documents the inconsistencies between the gestures and the text in the concise footnotes. He parallels the hand gestures of Abhinayadarpana and clearly mentions the hand gestures that were adapted into Kathakali. He has also added photos of the nine basic emotions by Guru Kunchu Kurup who was famous for Sathvika Abhinaya. Photos included in the compilation also depict the make-up and costumes of that time.

Sri Geetagovinda Pratisthana, Puducherry, presented the Third Edition of The Nritya Bharati Festival
at Kamani Auditorium, New Delhi from the 23 - 25 March 2012 - a major platform for solo performances in major Indian classical dance forms such as Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi, Kathak, Mohiniattam, Manipuri, Odissi and Sattriya.

Mar 11, 2012
Kumbabishekam of Kasi Viswanathar temple, Koil thoeppu, Swamimalai salai, Melakaveri, Kumbakonam, Tamilnadu

Mar 25, 2012
Kumbabishekam of Thirunandeeswarar temple, Manavur, Tiruvallur district, Tamilnadu

Dance Workshops - ABHAI

"Haram me", an installation by Pravin Kannanur presented by The India Collective and Alliance Rancaise of Madras
from March 9, 2012, 10am - 7pm (except on Sundays
at Allian Francaise, 3 24, College Road, Chennai - 6

Brahan Natyanjali 2012
20 - 26 Feb 2012

Ninth year International Dance festival at the World Heritage Monument, Thanjavur Big Temple for seven days conducted by The Brahan Natyanjali Foundation, which is involved in promoting the Indian Classical Art Forms and also providing a platform for all the artistes throughout world to perform before the Lord.

17 February 2012, 9pm onwards (all night)

Tripura Kali, premiere of P. Rajagopal's adaptation for the Tamil stage of Rabindranath Tagore's "Bisarjan" at Kuttu Kalai Kudam, Punjarasantankal Village,Kanchipurami

Flying towards a better future, a wealth from waste exhibition organised by Sevalaya and Russian Centre of Science and Culture
on 20 (3pm-7pm) and 21 (11am-7pm) Feb 2012.
Chief Guest - artist and volunteer of Sevalaya Ms.Charlotte Chapman from Chidren's Art Village, Uk
Venue: Russian Centre of Science and Culture, Chennai

All india spritual fair
at the DG Vaishnava college, Arumbakkam, Chennai 106
from 10am - 8pm from 26th - 29th Jan 2012
Lighting of shivaalayas kuzhu - stall no. F12B

*Homams at Danvantri Peedam
Maha Vidya Homam, Hayagrivar Homam, Saraswathi Homam
at Danvantri Peedam, Walajapet on Saturday, 11th February 2012 at 10am
Sri Danvantri Arogya Peedam Ananthalai Madhura
Kilpudupet, Walajapet - 632513, Vellore Dist
Ph: 91-4172-230033, 292133, 292433, 0-94433-30203

Sundaram Finance Mylapore Festival