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The Hindu New Year day is celebrated in the first month called Chiththirai (Chaitra). It marks the beginning of spring. It is a thanksgiving harvest festival. People clean thier houses, apply kolams or rangoli at the front entrance & pooja room, make delicacies speical to the region. It is also the custom in most regions to mix neem leaves & flowers in their food on New Year day. A preparation is made with neem leaves or flowers, mangoes, jaggery etc. signifying that people should accept the bitter & sweet occurances of life in the right spirit. It falls on 13th or 14th of April. Special prayers are offered in temples.

Baisaakhi - New Year in Punjab
The festival is celebrated with holy dips, prayers, fairs, Bhangra & Gidaa dancing, processions, etc.

This day is further special to the Sikhs, since it was on this day in 1699 that their tenth Guru, Guru Gobind Singh started the order of the Khalsa.

On this day in 1875, Swami Dayanand, a Punjabi Hindu reformer started the Arya Samaj.

Gudi Padva - New Year in Maharashtra
On this day, special prayers are offered to a kalash (a silver or brass pot) placed on top of a pole, decorated with a silk cloth, mango leaves placed outside the house.

Naba Barsha - Bengali New Year (This festival is celebrated as the Poila Baisakh in Bangladesh).
A mud pot filled with water & mango leaves is placed in the middle of the kolam. Special prayers are offered to Goddess Lakshmi. Fresh accounts are started by businessmen & traders after worshipping Lord Ganesha.

Ugaadi - New Year in Andhra Pradesh & Karnataka 2 April, 2003- Telugu New years day
Yuga Adi - beginning of the Ner Year. .

Varusha Pirappu - New Year in Tamil Nadu 14 April, 2003
Fresh Mango leaves & kolams with Kaavi decorate the outside of the houses. Special meals are prepared with vadai, payasam. A special mango chutney is made with neem flowers.

Vishu - New Year in Kerala
Vishu is celebrated in Kerala with great joy to usher in prosperity. They arrange agricultural yields such as paddy, pulsed, vegetables, fruits, along with new dresses, ornaments & money in a central place. Early the next morning the entire household feasts their eyes first thing on this in a mirror placed in front of the arrangement, praying to the Lord for prosperity throughout the year.

Special meals are made using coconuts, plantains, jackfruits, etc. which are the specialities of Kerala.