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Guruguhanjali - Annual Series

Guruguhanjali is an annual series that is conducted every year around Deepavali coinciding with the Mukthi Thithi of Muthuswami Dikshitar as an Anjali by
Dr.V.V.Srivatsa, a music scholar and composer. It was originally conducted in Chennai, but later has been conducted in various South Indian states.

Guruguhanjali is a movement meant to serve the common man, the Rasika. It does not and cannot flaunt wealth, cannot expend colossal amounts for amelioration of ambience, it seeks no patronage. It is time, once again, for our annual offering - for Guruguhanjali. We stoop now, to conquer. Conquer your hearts? Yes, indeed - but our ego, as well. We do not wish to proclaim our achievements but wish to express our sense of gratification.

We subscribe to constructive interaction with Rasikas, of whom, we now have a dedicated group. As a movement for the Rasikas, we do heed suggestions. There has atleast been an indirect impact of our efforts, as the incidence of presentation of Dikshitar's compositions in concerts has increased. We have had requests for copies of our cassettes and publications, from many sources, throughout the year. Yet, ostensibly, there are some die-hard performers who never render, in any concert, even one Dikshitar Kriti. The enthusiasm to participate at Guruguhanjali has spread and the response from artists was such that we had to implement, with a heavy heart, certain drastic measures. To make way for newcomers, we had to deny ourselves, the participation of veterans. We hasten to declare that we shall be utilising their services in a proposed mid-year series, slated to synchronise with the 'Vardhanti' of Muttusami Dikshitar. We must mention our indebtedness to the veterans, especially to Sangita Kalanidhi Shri.B.Rajam Iyer and Vidwan Shri Tirussoor Ramachandran, who have stood by us virtually from inception.

-Dr.V V Srivatsa, organizer of Guruguhanjali

Dr.V V Srivatsa
Sri Maithreyam, 25, First Cross
TTK Road, Chennai 600 018
Ph: 2435 1773 / 2432 0533

Click here for an article by Smt.Sulochana Pattabhiraman featured in "Bhava Raga Tala Modini" a book of articles compiled by Dr. V.V. Srivatsa circulated at the annual series of Guruguhanjali in 1998 - Dikshitar the Genius