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Musical instruments

Wind Instruments

Buffalo Horn:
known as Singha in the North and Kombu in the South, is used as accompaniment for tribal and folk music.

Conch: is a sacred instrument. Lord Vishnu holds the conch. Krishna is said to have blown on the conch to start off the Kurukshetra war. In the North a Valampuri (right sided) conch is used to blow during prayers in temples as well as in the homes

Flute: is made of bamboo, provided with holes for finger movement and a hole for blowing

Harmonium: portable keyboard instrument, is operated with bellows and is used widely in the North

Nagaswaram: (or Nadaswaram) an instrument used on auspicious occasions, in temples and weddings, is a double reed instrument, with the drone provided by a type of Nadaswaram known as the Ottu.

Pungi: used by snake charmers, has an oval gourd with small holes at the neck. with two thin bamboo pieces consisting of even holes attached to the centre of the gourd

Shehnai: is the auspicious instrument in the North, similar to the Nagaswaram in the South. There is a sruti shehnai, similar to the Ottu in the South , for providing the drone