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September 2011


- Sandhyavandanam Madhva Muni Rao, Bangalore
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"None of us did experience of 'brahmananda'. But, we all use this word frequently even without any experience" opined brother-member M.S.Akella garu

The opinion stirred me and thinking on the experience of 'Brahmananda'. I am posting the topic on 'Nada Vision/ Nada Satchatkaram' leading to 'Brahmananda'.

Mundaka Upanishad, Chapter-3, Section 1, expounded by Sage Angirasa on Brahma/Self Vision or Satchatkaram is equally applicable to Nada Brahma Vision-Nada Brahma satchatkaram. M.U. says:

1) M.U.-3.1.8:
"Na caksusa grhayate napi vaca nanair devaih tapasa kamana va
Jnana-prasadena visudha-sattvas tatas tu tam pasyate,
Niskalam dhyayamanah"

"He is not grasped by the eye, not even by speech, nor by other sense organs, nor by austerity nor by work but, when one's(intellectual) nature is purified by the light of knowledge, then alone he, by meditation, sees Him, who is without parts".

2) M.U.3.1.9:

" Eso nur atma cetasa veditanyo yasmin panch, pancha samvinesa,
Pravasi cittam sarvam otam prajnanam, yasmin visuddhar vibhavaty esa atma".

"The subtle self is to be known by thought in which the five senses in five different forms are centred. The whole of men's thought is pervaded by the senses. When it (thought) is purified, the self shines forth".

Veda/sacred knowledge comprise - Rc/verses/pure and perfect lyric; Sama/chants/pure and perfect melody/Nada; Yajur/formulas/pure and perfect laya/rhythm. Five elements and five senses are- anna/body/mouth; prana/breadth/two nostrils; manas/mind/two ears and heart; vijnana/chitta/intellect. With five senses centered in perfect meditation- of performer/nadopasaka and contemplation - contemplative quality nada of performer/nadopasaka, Brahma Vision/Satchatkaram-Nada Brahma Satchatkaram is verily, attained, leading to Brahmananda/Nada Brahmananda, which leaves behind the discursive reason and contemplates the One/pure Nada (AUM) and is lost in ecstasy - sharpened by meditation and engaged in contemplation.

"prano hy esa yah sarva bhutair"-M.U.3.1.4. "Truly it is life that shines forth in all beings". Life giving Nada-fresh and new experience, with high potential for total recall experiences and its enjoyment, Shines-energetic performer's/nadopasaka's Nada/pure and perfect and Shines forth-energizes- rasikas - results in "transcendental consciousness, being all inclusive and ultimately, Real/Brahma/Nada Brahma"-Nrsimha-purva-tapniya Upanishad, chapter IV, section 1.

Truly, many of us have experience of Nada Brahma but, may be fail to recognize and register, while listening to pure and perfect Nada of Great Maestros/Maestros. Just to cite one example of my experience of listening to Great Maestros-Ariyakudi, Musiri, Maharajapuram Viswanatha Iyer, Madurai Mani Iyer, GNB, Chembai, Semmengudi Srinivasa Iyer, Alathur Bros rendition of "Endaro Mahanu bhavulu" of immortal classic of Thyagaraja's pancha ratnam composition(one of ) at Thiruvayyar Thyagaraja Samadhi/Sannidhi, all to-gether - 'hridayaravindamunu juchi, Brahmananda monde". .

Truly, Nada Vision-Nada Satchatkaram is Real and not elusive!