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A collection of terms in South Indian Music ( with a few terms from North Indian Music ) with their meaning or description has been provided.

BANI : the characteristic style of singing or performing associated with a particular school, singer or performer.

BHAGAVATA MELA : is a form of devotional dance and song performances in the presence of temple deities during the temple festivals.

BHAGAVATAR (Tamil) : the name given to performers of Kathakalakshepam or religious discourses to the accompaniment of music.

BHAJAN : a devotional song (religious theme).

BHAJANAVALI : a book containing bhajans.

BHAKTHI RASA : the feeling of devotion. This is the tenth rasa.

BHAARYA RAAGA : literally, this means a wife raga. In Hindustani music, ragas are classified into ragas, raginis and putras. Six male ragas were recognised and to each of them were assigned five bharya ragas.

BHAAVA : is the emotion that is portrayed while rendering a raga, without which a raga is a mere scale.

BRIGA/BIRKA : is a musical phrase sung or played in quick tempo.