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A collection of terms in South Indian Music ( with a few terms from North Indian Music ) with their meaning or description has been provided.

KACHCHERI : the popular term for a music concert.

KADIGAI(Tamil) : a bard who sings songs in special occassions invoking prosperity.

KAAKU : a song of an erotic nature.

KALAKSHEPAM : A discourse on a sacred theme to the accompaniment of music.

KALPITA SANGITA : compositions already composed.

KAMPAM : a type of gamaka.

KAMPITA SWARA : the note which is rendered with a shake.

KARNATAKA BANI(Tamil) : singing and playing in the correct style of South Indian music, without mixing alien styles.

KAAVADI CHINDU : a type of Tamil folk song.

KAVANAM : creative work.

KIRTAN : North Indian style of performance, similar to kathakalakshepam of South India.

KEERTHANA : a simpler form of musical composition. Words are given more importance than the musical content.

KRITI : said to have evolved from the keerthana where the musical value is higher than the keerthana. It is more technical than keerthana.

KOMAL SWARA : the lower-pitched note.

KONNAKOL : the art of reciting jatis in a pleasant manner confining to a chosen tala.

KRAMA : regular (as opposed to vakra).

KRAMA SANCHAARA : phrases which confirm to the arohana-avarohana gati of the raga.