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Old Thamizh film songs

The films/cinemas in India have provided a wonderful platform for music. Film music had a far greater reach than any other medium. Initially the film songs had a strong classical touch. Gradually a lighter tone was introduced, leading finally to the current fast hard music. There is a belief that film music is substandard. Through the ages, however, the film industry greats (composers, lyricists, singers) have produced several masterpieces, gems that would continue to give pleasure to generations to come. Every regional language has its share of greats.
In this section, I am providing a list of old Tamil film songs - listing and lyrics. I am working gradually on this section. Please check for updates. The information has been collected from lyrics' books, my audio collection and audio related sites on the net. (Whenever in doubt, I have marked the text in red and would appreciate any assistance from knowledgeable people in providing correct details.)

Films - Alphabetical listing

Singers - Female

Singers - Male

Music Directors (Composers)



The Hindu articles (by Randor Guy and others)
lyrics' books
Movie title cards

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