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Profiles of Artistes, Composers, Musicologists


Mr.N.Rajagopalan, has done the phenomenal work of compling the profiles of composers, musicians and musicologists very painstakingly and very much in depth. I sought his permission to present material from his works - The Garland, Another Garland, Yet Another Garland and The Fragrant Garland. He kindly consented and here Iam providing, but a very miniscule portion of his phenomenal work. Visitors are welcome to submit profiles, which will be put up with due credit.

In the words of Mr.N.Rajagopalan
"There are books on the theory of music. There are biographies of some individual composers and musicians..........The 'Who's Who' of musicians has but a limited coverage, scope and content. Thus there is no compilation of biographies in English giving details of past and present composers, musicians and musicologists for universal reference and circulation. Hence I took up the arduous task of collecting and collating the biographies of all from libraries, newspapers, magazines and books and by contacting many artistes in person and by post. My work, analogous to that of a pearl-diver who gathers the oysters and not make them, has gone on like that of a dedicated ant prior to the onset of monsoon. Mine has not been the role of a critic. Focus is on the man, the God's creation and not on the creations of man though they figure conspicuously."

Photographs courtesy: Inreco, Gitaa Cassettes