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Classification of Hindu Temples

Temple Structure of Western India and the Deccan - Vesara Style

The Western Indian and the Deccan temples, basically evolved from the North Indian style.

Early temples of this style are:
Lakshmana temple at Sirpur
Vaidyanatha Mahadeva temple at Baijnath
Sikara temple at Baroli
Kesavanarayana temple at Amarkantak
Viratesvara temple at sohagpur

The temples at Kajuraho represent the typical Vesara style. The Chandellas used the coloured sandstone (pink, buff colour or pale yellow) to construct these temples. Granite stone temples also exist. These temples dedicated to Saiva, Vaishnava and Jaina sects do not show great variation in style between one another.

The prime temples of this tyle are:
Lakshmana temple
Parsvanatha temple
Visvanatha temple
Kandariya Mahadeva temple
Charsath yogini temple (rough granite)
Lalguan Mahadeva temple (Partly granite & sandstone)
Brahma temple
Matangesvara temple
Vamana temple
Jawari temple
Devi Jagadambi temple
Adinatha temple

North Indian Style
South Indian Style