In this section, I am providing images, photos and videos of embroidery stitches and sample patterns of Indian styles of embroidery.
- Sumathi

June 2011
Stem stitch
June 2011
Running stitch
Finished work (Kanthawork)

June 2011
Herringbone border stitch
Herringbone filling stitch

June 2011
Lazydaisy stitch
Finished work
June 2011
Chain stitch
Finished work

January 2013
January 2014
Finished work
June 2011
Back stitch

Sep 2011
Kamal (kadai) stitch
Finished work

I learnt most of the stitches given below from a book on embroidery stitches by Anchor. I have tried to use these stitches on typical Indian designs such as mangoes & peacock, annam, temple borders.

Aug 2011
Laced running stitch
Aug 2011
Twisted chain stitch

Aug 2011
Knotted cable chain stitch
Aug 2011
Heavy chain stitch

Aug 2011
Pekinese stitch
Oct 2011
Bullion stitch rose
Finished work

Oct 2013
Embroidery stitches by Falguni Panchal

a thematic exhibition cum sale of over 15 artisans from different parts of the country organised by The Crafts Council of India

(I do not take orders.  Pl contact the artists directly. The contact details of the artists are available in the links)
Chamba Rumal, Himachal Pradesh by Prikshit Sharma, Masto

Kashmiri embroidery by Altaf

Zari bags and panels from Agra by Sameer, Hafiz Bhai

Phulkari from Punjab by Satinder Pal Singh

Chikan embroidery from Lucknow by Rehana Begum

Lambadi work from Sittilingi valley, Tamilnadu, Porgai producer group

Convent embroidery from Kanyakumari, Tamilnadu

Kutch embroidery from Gujarat by Saanskrutie

Toda embroidery from Nilgris, Tamilnadu

Kasuti embroidery from Karnataka by Tejaswini, S.Ajjewadeyarnath Shubhas Chouk

Kanta embroidery from West Bengal by Ashoke Kumar Das

Kutchi embroidery from Gujarat by Kutch Mahila Vikas Sangathan

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