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Madras December Music / Dance Season

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Dec 23, 2014
SIMPLICITY - Artistic Experiments in fabric by Deepika Dorai

Nov 30, 2014
Beyond Limits- 2014, exclusive exhibition of artworks by artists with disabilities from across India organised by Family Of Disabled (FOD)

Nov 11, 2014
India Foundation for the Arts invites Applications from Artists for Arts Education
Application deadline: January 2, 2015

Oct 30, 2014
Exhibition of painting "Day And Night" by Apet Pramod at Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi from Oct 26 - Nov 1, 2014

Oct 28, 2014
Tyagaraja's Bhajana Marga krtis as taught by Chitravina N Ravikiran

Oct 26, 2014
Sri Sathya Sai sangeetholsavam organised by Sree Sathya Sai Seva Samithy, Vaikom from 18th Novemeber to 23rd November.

Oct 24, 2014
8th Delhi International Arts Festival

Oct 19, 2014
At Bimba The Art Hut  -  for the festive season and beyond

Oct 16, 2014
 Artists famous and renowned at India level were called for to paint on Hyundai cars as part of an art based calendar

Sep 27, 2014
India Foundation for the Arts in collaboration with National Museum, New Delhi invited applications for Two Museum Fellowships at the Painting Department & Decorative Arts Department

Sep 16, 2014
Rasalok 2014 - Still theatre in miniature

Sep 10, 2014
Kalasagar, commemorated the 22nd death anniversary of its founder, Kathakali maestro, Kalamandalam Krishnankutty Poduval, as GURUSMARANADINAM (Homage to Guru) on October 14, 2014.

Sep 8, 2014
Niram Thiram Festival
Kalakshetra Foundation hosted its very first festival dedicated to textiles and associated crafts of India from the 9th to 12th of September 2014 from 3pm to 6pm.

Drishti - Srishti
Bharani Art Gallery, Mysore presented an exhibition of oil colour paintings by Nanda R. Putty

Sep 7, 2014
Veena Mahotsavam 2014
September 6th - 19th 2014 (except 8th & 15th)

Sep 6, 2014
Ashtapadi, a festival of dance
Sep 12-14, 2014, 6.30pm

Sep 5, 2014
CMCM - Common Mistakes in Carnatic Music
Lecture Demonstration Series by Chitravina N Ravikiran

May 28, 2014
Newly formed puppet theatre troupe PuthaliLoka on Saturday June 7 2014 at 630pm in the serene ambience of the specially created open air performance space "Aangana" in Bimba The Art Ashram

May 21, 2014
Temple walk and talk
Talk on Saturday May 24, 2014 at 11am at Aangana Bimba The Art Ashram &  Walk on Sunday May 25, 2014 through Kote Venkateswara temple on KR road with Master sculptor Ganesh Bhatt

May 10, 2014
India Foundation for the Arts showcased two projects RE-IMAGINING STORYTELLING TRADITIONS: Comic Art and Animation.

May 9, 2014
Art for Soul @ NIFA - exhibition of work of the academy students from 23rd to 25th May 2014 at NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF FINE ARTS (NIFA), Gurgaon, Haryana

Mar 13, 2014
Carnatic Music lessons at www.acharyanet.com

Mar 7, 2014
Humanity's tryst with Nature - An exhibition of photographs by Dr.Susil Pani

Feb 27, 2014
Brahan Natyanjali 2014

Feb 10, 2014
The 2nd edition of A2Q2, an exclusive quiz on the Indian performing arts presented by Aalaap

Feb 3, 2014

Feb 1, 2014
A Retrospective of H.A. Gade - Painting exhibition at Dhoomimal Gallery

Jan 23, 2014
  • Kalakendra in collaboration with the Swami Vivekananda 150 Women's Initiative presented the free live webcast of the 2014 Women's Convention, on the occasion of Swami Vivekananda's 151st Birth Anniversary, at Narada Gana Sabha, Chennai at 4.30 pm on Thursday, 23rd January 2014
  • BALCAO,  an exhibition of works by Artists from Goa and selected works by FN  Souza curated by Subodh Kelkar organised by Dhoomimal Gallery
Jan 19, 2014
Kalapradarshini 16th Annual Natya Festival

Jan 16, 2014
'NAVARASAM', Public Charitable Trust

Jan 11, 2014
Aalankritha Art Gallery -  an exhibition of paintings titled DIVINITY by Ahobhilam Prabhakar, Gade Pramod Reddy, Satya Gannoji, Vijay Belde

Dec 7, 2014
Aesthetic principles do not age by Lakshmi Vishwanathan
There are no short cuts to evolved and poignant Abhinaya.  The underlying aesthetic principles do not go out of fashion.  A taste for that kind of music first needs to be cultivated. The real work is in internalizing the meaning and then sharing both melody and mood through inspired song and dance. Such artistry would leave a lasting impression on a sensitive listener and viewer. After all, great artists have shown the way, and it is up to the present day Vidwans and mature dancers to study the deeper aspects more seriously. Aesthetic principles never go out of fashion.

Dec 7, 2014
Re- visiting a queen! by Lakshmi Vishwanathan
The most enigmatic character in Tamil history is the Chola queen Sembiyan Mahadevi of the tenth century. I knew little about her until at the suggestion of the great musician Semmangudi Srinivasa Iyer whom we used to address and refer to as Semmangudi Mama, we visited the famous temple of Konerirajapuram.

Pillars of India Today
June 1, 2014
Anand Kumar (born 1 January 1973) is an Indian mathematician and a columnist for various national and international mathematical journals and magazines. He is best known for his Super 30 programme, which he started in Patna, Bihar in 2002, and which coaches economically backward students for IIT-JEE, the entrance examination for the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs). By 2013, 281 of the 330 had made it to IITs and Discovery Channel showcased his work in a documentary.

Designs / Patterns
Jan 8, 2014

Bird designs

Sep 25, 2014
Apet Pramod Mahadev, Pune - Acrylic on Canvas

Mar 25, 2014
Kalaa Viruksha  - Paintings by LP

Feb 1, 2014
Paintings by HA Gade, Founder Member of Progressive Artists Group

Jan 14, 2014
Figurative painting by self taught artist Rajeev Kumar

Jan 2014 - last updated Oct 14
Art & Craft by Aparna Rajagopalan

April 4, 2014
Age hardly withers charm of Ponniyin Selvan
- A Srivathsan, The Hindu, October 19, 2011

Artist Maniam Selven's Interview on Singapore's Tamil TV Channel Vasantham Central on 31 August

Tamil Heritage: Maniam Selvan on Artists of yesteryears, 5th Nov 2011

Rich concoction
- Geetha Venkatramanan, The Hindu, Nov 12, 2010

Dec 14, 2014
International Sand Art Festival 2014 at Konark, Orissa

Jan 28, 2014
Sculptures by Vineesh Vijayan

Jan 10, 2014
Tamil film songs

Tamil film songs
Jan 17, 2014
List of songs in the film Aval Yaar (1959)
Lyrics for the songs
kan kaanum minnal thano - Aval Yaar (1959) - Ragunath Panigrahi, S Rajeswara Rao, V Lakshman
Pattu poochi pola - Aval Yaar (1959) - AM Raja, Jikki, S Rajeswara Rao, V Lakshman
Naan thedum bodhu nee odalamo - Aval Yaar (1959) - Ragunath Panigrahi, S Rajeswara Rao, V Lakshman

Jan 10, 2014
List of songs in the film Kalyaanam panniyum Brahmachari (1954)
Lyrics for the song veNNilaavum vaanum poelae - Kalyaanam panniyum Brammachaari (1954) -  Radha Jayalakshmi

Links to articles

Thirai Isai - Avanai azhaiththu vandhu
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Mozhi pirikaadha unarvu 24 - Natpai kooda karpai pola ennuven
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Dhairiyam kol thaniye sel
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Mozhi pirikaadha unarvu - Sandhana kinnathil kunguma sangamam
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Thirai Isai - Ullasam pongum inba deepavali
SS Vasan, The Hindu, October 17, 2014

Padagotiye padagai kavizhthuvittaal
The Hindu, October 10, 2014

Nilave kel en kadaiyai
The Hindu, September 26, 2014

Sudhandhira Indiyavin viduthalai geethangal
The Hindu, August 15, 2014

udan varum maaya nizhal
The Hindu, August 1, 2014

Thiraiyum Isaiyum - vidhiyai sumandha vizhigal
The Hindu, June 6, 2014

Thiraiyum Isaiyum - Brahmanae pichai ketpaan
The Hindu, May 17, 2014

Mozhi pirikaadha unarvu - naetrodu nee sonna vaarthai
The Hindu, 9 May, 2014

Mozhi pirikaadha unarvu - uzhaippu enum ulaga mozhi
The Hindu, 2 May, 2014

Thiraiyum Isaiyum - Mozhi pirikaadha unarvu - thannanthaniyaai pogaadhe
The Hindu, 18 April, 2014

Thiraiyum Isaiyum - Mozhi pirikaadha unarvu - nilavu oru pennagi
The Hindu, 11 April, 2014

Thiraiyum Isaiyum - Mozhi pirikaadha unarvu - kannadi munnaale nillaadhe
The Hindu, 4 April, 2014

Thiraiyum Isaiyum - manidhan mariyadhen aiyaa
The Hindu, 28 March 2014

Thiraiyum Isaiyum - Udaindha manam saaindha malai
The Hindu, 14 March 2014

Thiraiyum Isaiyum - Nee poeyae aaga vaendum (translation of the Hindi lyrics) & Ulagae maayam
An article comparing the Hindi song with the Tamil Ulage mayam by SS Vasan, The Hindu, 7 March 2014

Thiraiyum Isaiyum - Mozhi erpaduthaadha idaiveli
An article comparing Hindi & Tamil songs - Introduction by SS Vasan, The Hindu, 28 Febraury 2014

Jan 11, 2014
Jayanth Kalamkari designs
Manufacturer and wholesaler of pure vegetable print kalamkari sarees, fabrics, dress materials, kurtis, patch work kurtis and sarees, shawls, bedsheets, table cloths, door curtains, wall panels - non chemical and easy to maintain, long lasting and color fast.

Kalamkari - Krishna

Kalamkari - Wall panels

Kalamkari Patch works

Kalamkari Patch sets  ; 2

Kalamkari Dupattas2

Resources / Links
Dec 14, 2014
Bamboo basket weaving - Videos by G Vijayan

Dec 13, 2014
Photographs of social and cultural events by AcuteAngle

Nov 3. 2014
Hindu Mythology - Wisdom of Hinduism
About Hindu mythology and some untold truths and hidden facts of Hindu Mythology

Sep 4, 2014
Music composed and rendered by Dr.Raghunath Pani

July 4, 2014
Art book Center for books on Indian miniature paintings, textile design, architecture

Feb 19, 2014
Pencil carving by Snehalatha Prithiviraj

English translation of the book "Sama Veda-An Introduction"

Sharing amazing facts received thru emails
Nov 14, 2014
10 Indian Villages That Set A Worthy Example For The Whole Country

Sep 28, 2014
Elephant artists

Jan 26, 2014
Master speed-painter D. Westry shows off his creative skills during the "Anderson's Viewers Got Talent" competition