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Updates / additions to the site in 2022

Madras December Music / Dance Season

Bhagavata Mela Vidyalaya and Laasya Mela Laya presents Satchidananda Nataraja Samarpana Mela Online Sangeetha Natya Aradhana - 2022 - 24 sep-05 oct 2022 daily 6 pm IST
Bhagavata Mela Vidyalaya youtube channel

Tamil Heritage Trust -  Award Lecture by Pradeep Chakravarthy on the topic  "Some aspects of Pandya society between 600 CE and 1300 CE with a specific focus on trade, commerce and women"....Read more

Tamil Heritage Trust - Lecture on "Place Names and Migration of Communities in South India" by Dr Subbarayalu.....Read more

Tamil Heritage Trust - Revisiting the Martand Sun Temple: Lalitaditya and the Kashmir Style of Temple Architecture" by Prof Ratan Parimoo.....Read more

Tamil Heritage Trust - Reconstructing History from Tangible and Intangible Heritage: A case study from medieval Maharashtra, talk in English by Dr Arvind P Jamkhedkar.....Read more

Aquaterra Adventures - Signature Trips Summer - Fall 2022.....Read more

Tamil Heritage Trust - #THTIndoFest2022 - celebrating the "Temple Builders of Medieval India - 8th to 13th Centuries CE".....Read more

Tamil Heritage Trust - "Evolution of Dance in Tamilnadu - From the Sangam Age to the Marathas" by Dr Kalarani Ramachandran....Read more

Tamil Heritage Trust - "Lords of the Deccan: How the Chalukyas and Rashtrakutas Shaped South India" by Anirudh Kanisetti....Read more

Tamil Heritage Trust  - “Demon as Devotee: A Universe of Detail in Hoysala Sculpture"  Talk by Dr Parul Pandya Dhar....Read more

Melattur Bhagavata Mela Natya Nataka Sangam presented 'SATI SAVITHRI on February 27, 2022 from 7pm to 8.10pm...Details

Bhagavata Mela Vidyalaya presented Satchidananda Nataraja Anugraha Anubhavam - 2...Details

Solo art show by Dharshana Bajaj titled Living In Harmony With Nature.....Details

Atyantakaman -  Tamil Heritage Trust's tribute to Dr R Nagaswamy.....Details

Tamil Heritage Trust  - “Krishnadeva Raya: A King for all Seasons”.  Talk by Dr Srinivas Reddy ....Details

Padma Awards 2022

Tamil Heritage Trust’s “Pechu Kacheri: Kalingam” (in Tamil).

25 Apr 2022
Kreedam (crown for Goddess) - acrylic on paper
Kreedam (crown for Goddess) - acrylic on paper

Old Tamizh Film songs - Lyrics
Aug 2022
maadhamo Aavani mangaiyo - Utharvindri ulle vaa (1970)

Jun 2022
kokkara kokkarako sevale - Padhi Bhakthi (1958)
nilavai paarthu - Savaale Samali (1971)

Apr 2022
siriththu siriththu - Thaai sollai thattaadhe (1961)
ullam rendum ondrai ondru - Sivagamiyin Selvan (1974)
iravukkum pagalukkum - Engal Thanga Raja (1973)

Mar 2022
thanneer vitto valarthom - Kappalottiya Thamizhan (1961)